Can You Put Foaming Hand Soap in a Regular Dispenser?

A soap dispenser is a tiny or big gadget designed to discharge soap when pressure is applied. There are automated soap dispensers for high-end technology dispensers powered by batteries. On the other hand, their sensors detect motion underneath the nozzles and automatically dispense the soap without touching it.

Still, dispensers are specifically designed to discharge non-foamy soap and foamy soap. And so, to speak, there is always the hard question for owners of regular soap dispensers about using their dispensers for sudsy soaps.
If you have been contemplating adding a foaming hand soap to your regular dispenser, you should understand that the foaming will require a special pump. Still, you may fill it with a diluted regular soap. That is if you can't change the pumping mechanism of your standard dispenser.

 Foaming Hand Soap in a Regular Dispenser

When access to a special pump is not feasible, you can change the valve of your regular soap dispenser and fit it with the valves used in the foaming soap dispenser. So yes, you can put foaming hand soap in a regular dispenser only when you have observed the above.
At some point, you will have to allow your diluted mixture of soap and water to absorb air and then feed it into the dispenser. It’s the only way for you to be guaranteed a foamy soap from a regular dispenser.

On thickening, foaming soaps are mixed with water and air. So, if you will use a regular soap dispenser, you will have to mix the soap with water in a ratio of 1ml to 3ml respectively, then mix it gently by turning the soap dispenser until it's well mixed. If you are using a different valve, you only have to fill in the liquid soap. Then when pumped, the valve will inject enough air to create foamy soap.

But why the need for a foamy soap from a regular dispenser?

Foamy soap is less effective. That's why most people opt for liquid soaps and regular dispensers. But using a regular soap dispenser for a foamy soap allows users to mix their soap and water in the right proportion. The quantity of foam created will also be determined by the amount of soap used. So, you are not just feeding soap and water like in dispensers for foamy soaps. The soap that comes out of the dispenser is less lathered and effective in the long run.
This doesn't mean that there will be less foam, as more of the foam should be expected to build up during the washing process. In the long run, it's your foamy soap in regular dispensers having more soap in just one single pump, similar to the liquid soaps.


 the advantage of Foaming Hand Soap


How to make soap from a regular soap dispenser foamy and thicker

Because various soaps produce varied quantities and lathers, some soap production companies use sugar to boost the bubbles. If your soap doesn’t foam, you may add a little sugar.
As for thickening, make saltwater mixtures and slowly drizzle them into the soap solution. Then produce your thickened soap by combining one and a half ounces of lukewarm water with a half-ounce of ordinary salt and star till it's dissolved.

The practicality of foaming soap

Foamy soap is just liquid soap that has been fed with air and water to generate a frothy layer of soap. But for this, you will need a specialized valve for your regular dispenser, or you have to fill your dispenser with regular soap that’s diluted with water and pumped with air inside.
On the other hand, for a dispenser for foamy soap, the soap is channeled into a pressurized compartment and combined with oxygen in the dispensing compartment once the lever is pressed. As for a pressurized dispenser, the soap is discharged by placing your palms underneath the dispenser.
But you won't refill them by adding more soap. Rather you will need a container containing soap that's pressurized.

Foaming Hand Soap's Advantages

  1. foaming hand soap is eco-friendly

  2. foaming hand soap is cost-effective

  3. foaming hand soap can wrapping up

1.It's eco-friendly.

If it pertains to being environmentally friendly, foamy hand detergent is on point. Since the liquid hand detergent goes through dilution, less detergent is needed for each handwashing activity. It's likewise finer and less prone to block pipes, a problem that many people try to remedy with chemical agents and cleansers. There is less soap in the equation in the bigger picture, which is proportionate to fewer chemical emissions into the environment.
According to industry research, consumers who clean their palms with foamy liquid soap save 16 % water, unlike solid soaps.

Regular Dispenser

The research further indicates that foamy hand detergent could be utilized to foam without soaking the palms, and water is solely needed to flush the detergent off. Thus, this reduces water wastage by 45 %. Foamy soap also doesn't need solvents to generate foam. As a result, they are biodegradable.

2.It’s cost-effective.

Using less soap means spending less money on soap. Frothing soap dispensers utilize less soap than traditional liquid soap dispensers, enabling consumers to get super clean while using less detergent.
When you use less detergent, the refill lasts longer and saves you money in the long run. Manufacturers also produce less soap for each unit sold. Shoppers save money by paying less for packing and shipping.

 Foaming Hand Soap

3.Wrapping up

There's no doubt that foaming hand soap gives solid form and liquid hand soaps a run for their money. Long-term advantages of soaps that use fewer solvents are better for the ecology. But while you can make your foamy soap, you will need a dispenser to discharge it. You may have thoughts of improvising one or buying a foamy soap dispenser. In that case, it will be best to check out the regular soap dispensers that Samodra offers.

Foaming Hand Soap


Further, there is a difference between dispensers for foaming soaps and regular dispenser valves. A foaming soap dispenser has two compartments. Whereas one chamber holds the soap, the other one contains air and valves. Upon exertion of pressure during use, the air is forced into the dispensing unit. Considering this, putting a foaming soap in a regular dispenser means you will get a less than perfect foamy soap discharged.

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