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Bidet Seats

We all have to answer nature's call when it rings; cleaning up after yourself is part of the task. The last part is where bidet seats can come in handy. The word bidet has a tricky pronunciation that doesn't roll off the tongue as expected. The word bidet originated from a French word that means little horse. The name was chosen because of the way you straddle the stand-alone bidets.
Bidet seats are quite common in South America, Europe, Asia, and France. If you have traveled around any of these countries, you might have seen or used one. Bidet toilet seats are increasingly becoming popular by the day, so it's high time you learn what they are and how to use them. Don't worry because we have your back. Today you will learn all there is to know about bidet toilet seats.


A bidet toilet seat is a bathroom appliance used to clean up yourself with water after a nature call. It was designed to replace the use of toilet paper. Bidet seats have been around for some time; it's only up until recently that a bidet seat was a unit on its own. Before it was attached to toilets, it resembled a porcelain sink or a second toilet.

In the 1980s, Japan created an innovative design making it easy to introduce a bidet seat in any bathroom. Today, more than 80% of Japanese homes use bidet seats. Current innovation in bidet toilet seats has made it so that this smart toilet can be attached to the top of a toilet that replaces the original toilet seat. Bidet seats have advanced features like heated seats, an internal water heater, a warm air dryer, and memory settings.

The question should not be whether you should get a Bidet toilet seat. It should be, why you don't own one already. Compared to its toilet paper counterpart, a bidet toilet seat is miles better and more beneficial than other means. The benefits provided below will directly answer the topic of discussion:

Better hygiene:Personal hygiene experts have suggested that cleaning up using water and tissue paper is way better than using toilet paper alone.

Easier cleaning:It can be hard for people with mobility problems to get down there and clean up after themselves without help. Using a bidet seat is much simpler.

Eco-friendly:Using a bidet is better for the environment as compared to toilet paper.

Reduction in plumbing risks:Since you might abandon or use less toilet paper than before, less toilet paper will go through your toilet pipes. Using a bidets seat minimizes the risk of clogging. However, it mostly applies to people who use flushable wipes.

Some bidet toilet seats don't use electricity; therefore, the mechanism that powers the spray is just water pressure from your home pipes. The bidet seat redirects water from your pipes to its nozzle of which you have control over. Most people fear that it uses toilet water, but that is not the case. The water source is the same as the one in your sink or even the shower.

You can control the pressure using the same dial which turns it off or on. That same dial also controls a valve in which water flows through it, and the pressure is increased by widening the valve. A t-valve connects to your water sink line supply for warm water; therefore, you can use warm water on demand. There are dials to control other features like seat warmers and more on the bidet seat.

Contrary to what people think, bidets are not reserved for the rich people only. Many efficient and quality models exist that don't require you to break the bank to purchase them. However, before selecting a bidet toilet seat to buy, you should consider a few things.

The first thing you need to consider is that there are many different features in different bidets that affect the price range. The more lush features it has, the higher the price range.The priceof SAMODRA bidets ranges from $29 to around $120.

Secondly, decide whether you would prefer a non-electric bidetto an electrical bidet. Non-electric models use water pressure and your home plumbing temperature to function well, while electric models have motors that enhance their operations.

Electric models have much more bells and whistles to offer; therefore, they may be more expensive. Thirdly, when picking a bidet, ensure you comb through each specification for the toilet size they fit since it's not a one size fits all situation.

Using a Bidet Toilet seat is not rocket science; the first step is to do your business. Once you are done, don't be in a hurry to wake up; get comfy on the seat since you are already on it. When you push the start wash dial, the nozzle will elongate and calibrate its position to avoid a backsplash of dirty water. To be on the safe side, the nozzle has an automatic self-cleaning feature that is employed after every use. Other bidets have silver nanoparticle technology to ensure the nozzle is sterilized for extra cleanliness.

You can make custom settings on the water pressure, temperature, nozzle position, and more with the dial pad, which is in some cases are attached to the seat. Once you find your custom fit, you can save it so that you don't have to re-set it every time you go to the bathroom. Note that the wash may take a short time before it starts. Once you are done, select the stop button, and the nozzle will clean itself and retract back into the Bidet toilet seat. Electric models have much more bells and whistles to offer; therefore, they may be more expensive.



I love the French language and culture. I always wanted a bidet. This toilet seat is actually better than a bidet! On a regular bidet you have to squat over the shooting up stream of water. With the bidet toilet seat you remain seated, apply some soap to your private areas from an automatic liquid soap dispenser, push the controls, and voilà, clean privates and a clean butt!


Excellent toilet seat bidet works great and the install was very easy. We had a luxe bidet attachment but this Samodra bidet seat is way better and works better. The aim on it is perfect just bolt on the seat and that's it. If you looking for a bidet toilet seat I would recommend this one it really gets the job done.


t took me about 12 minutes (I timed myself on the second install because the first was so fast) to remove the old seat and bidet, clean the toilet and install the new one. After the removal and cleaning of the toilet, it only took about 5 minutes to install the bidet. I did have a previous one installed so I only had to change out the hose.