How Much is a Bidet?

How Much is a Bidet?
Do you want to add a bidet to your bathroom? Before adding a bidet to your bathroom, it’s important for you to know about how much it will cost for you to install a bidet. Bidets come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from the cheap $40 basic bidet to the ultra-modern $6,000 electric bidet. The installation costs can also vary depending on your bathroom layout and the various things you will need to change around the bidet fixture.
Installing a Bidet in Your Bathroom
You can install a bidet in your bathroom alongside your existing toilet seat, or you can also combine the toilet seat with a bidet and install the bidet toilet seat to replace your regular toilet seat. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that installing a bidet in your bathroom might not be a cheap thing to do. Yes, some traditional bidet models might cost you below $100, but they will only offer a limited functionality. Also, you still need to install it in your bathroom, which will cost you more for the installation services.
Most bathrooms that only have the room for one toilet seat might not fit for the additional bidet. Your only option if you have a narrow toilet room is to replace the toilet seat with the bidet toilet seat, which can cost you even more to purchase and to install. It’s best to install a bidet if you have quite a wide bathroom, where there is enough space for you to put both the toilet seat and the bidet side by side.
The Average Costs of a Bidet Installation
To install a bidet in your bathroom, you will need to buy the bidet model of your choice, and then you will need to pay for the installation service for it. The installation service will often use your existing plumbing in your bathroom, so you don’t need to apply any complex modifications to your existing plumbing. The average installation cost for adding a bidet to your bathroom will be around $1,200, with the cost of around $400 for the bidet itself and the rest for the installation services.
Keep in mind that the average $1,200 costs of installation for the bidet will only give you the regular-type bidet that might not offer plenty of features for you. It will just provide you with the basic cleaning tools with no additional features. For the modern-type bidet that provides plenty of exciting features, you will need to spend around $5,000-$6,000 for the bidet itself, excluding the installation costs.
What to Do If You Don’t Have an Additional Space for a Bidet?
There are two options you can take if you don’t have an additional space for a bidet in your bathroom. The first option is to replace your toilet seat with the bidet toilet seat. The bidet toilet seat is the toilet seat with the bidet function in it. So, you don’t need to install a separate bidet alongside your toilet seat if you already have a bidet toilet seat. The bidet toilet seat will have more or less the same size as your regular toilet seat. However, the cost of the bidet toilet seat will be much more expensive when compared to a regular bidet.
The second option is for you to install the bidet spray attachment alongside your toilet seat. It will be more cost-effective, and it doesn’t require you to have an additional space in your toilet room. The bidet spray attachment will allow you to clean your private parts by holding the spray attachment in your hand and spray the water around your private parts while sitting on the toilet seat.
Adding More Value to Your Home with Bidet Installation
Installing a bidet fixture in your bathroom can help you add more value to your home in case you would like to sell your house later. One of the most common things people will check when they are buying a house is the bathroom. Adding a bidet to your bathroom will give your house an even better look for the would-be homebuyers. It can help increase the value of your house, and you can offer it as one of the highlighted features of your house.
Benefits of Installing a Bidet in Your Bathroom
What are the benefits of installing a bidet in your bathroom? Should you add a bidet alongside your existing toilet seat? Here are some benefits of installing a bidet:
  • Improving your experience in the bathroom. A bidet can help improve your experience in using the bathroom. It will be easier for you to do your bathroom activities and clean your private parts afterwards using a bidet. Adding a bidet can also help improve your overall bathroom aesthetics, making it even more comfortable for you to spend your time there.
  • Keep your bathroom environment clean. A bidet will help save your use of toilet papers. So, with a bidet, you no longer need to deal with dirty toilet papers all over the place in the bathroom. Cleaning your private parts is very easy with a bidet, and it doesn’t require you to use any toilet papers, so you can keep the bathroom environment clean.
  • Preventing the clogs in your toilet plumbing. Many people will throw the toilet papers into the toilet after using them, and this is the primary cause of many clogging problems in the toilet seats. With a bidet, you can prevent the clogs in your toilet seat plumbing because of excessive toilet papers getting thrown into the toilet.
  • Providing more hygienic cleanliness for your private areas. You can thank the bidet when cleaning your private areas, as it can provide a more hygienic cleanliness for your genitals. Just wiping your ass after using the toilet might clean it, but it doesn’t give you the sense of freshness as when you use a bidet to clean your anal area.
  • The perfect replacement for toilet papers. Bidet can also be the perfect replacement for toilet papers, as it allows you to just use water to clean your private parts.
Bidets can be an expensive addition to your bathroom, with the expensive installation costs and the expensive bidet equipment you need to buy. However, adding a bidet to your bathroom can change the way you clean your private areas, and it can also provide plenty of other benefits for you. In fact, a bidet can also improve the overall value of your house and improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

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