Everything You Need to Know About Bidets

Over the recent years, bidets are continuing to gain popularity in the real estate industry, especially in American washrooms. Today, bidets are no longer your ordinary bathroom fixture placed next to the toilet. Instead, bidets have a new appealing design to provide you a spa-like experience. Interested in learning more about what is a bidet toilet? Sail along.
What is bidet toilet

What is a Bidet Toilet?

Bidet Toilet is a washroom which features a water outlet that enables you to clean yourself after using the toilet. Traditionally, bidets were fixed near a toilet however, standalone bidets are fixed some few inches past the toilet. This means you first use the toilet and then proceed to the bidet.

Merits of Bidets

Bidets are not only fancy bathroom accessories but also have tremendous health and environmental benefits.

Limiting Spread of Germs

When you are using bidets, there is an assurance that your hands won’t get into contact with fecal matter. This will minimize the possibility of bacteria getting onto your hands and unfurl to nearby

Advantages of Toilet Paper

During many instances, you may notice traces of fecal matter following the use toilet paper. There is an assurance of eradication of all fecal matter while using a bidet through the thorough cleaning. This is advantageous compared to using a toilet paper.

Minimizing Hemorrhoids Risk

A bidet with low water pressure will aid in relieving any pressure on your anus. This will, in turn, mitigate any chances of suffering from hemorrhoids which may deteriorate your health.

Aids in Menstruation Health

Menstruation isn't all about blood; it also contains vaginal and cervical mucus, which have traces of endometrial particles that are mainly degenerated. When the menstrual fluid gets in contact with any bacteria in the air, it commences to have a strong scent due to decomposition, and it often leads to discomfort. Gentle cleaning your feminine organs will keep the entire area clean and eliminate any odor. There is an assurance to remain comfortable during that time of the month and maintain good menstruation health.

Minimizing Urinary/Yeast Tract Infection Pains

Urinary and yeast infections lead to discharge, itching, and unpleasant odor. Using a bidet may not necessarily cure the infections, but it can ease symptoms as you undertake treatment.

Comes in Handy During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers experience an escalation in weight and adjustment in shape while experiencing pregnancy, making it hard for them to clean all parts of their bodies thoroughly. During this time, a bidet comes in handy in aiding expectant mothers in cleaning the posterior and feminine areas thoroughly without any struggle.
Before delivery, women experience water breaking, mucus plug, and loss of amniotic fluid. Gentle cleansing of the feminine areas by use of a bidet will assure you relief and comfort.

Improves Anal Hygiene

Constipation, mainly in men, causes anal discomfort accompanied by slight pain. A bidet will provide men with an alternative way of enhancing anal hygiene, mitigating any anal infections that may arise.

Child Benefits

It is an uphill task for many children to properly clean themselves after using the toilet, and traces of fecal matter may be left, eventually leading to anal infections. By using a bidet, your children are able to thoroughly clean themselves after visiting the washrooms.

Bidet Types

Handheld Bidets

This lavatory installation is handheld giving you the benefit to function it from your hands. The hose pipe of this bidet is directly connected to the water supply of your latrine and you'll hook the shower head on your wall. With this bidet, you may point the spout and after that thrust the lever for it to discharge water. The water weight is decided by how difficult you press the lever. Handheld bidets are reasonable and effectively open.

Standalone Bidet

These bidet units are introduced independently from the water closet. Standalone bidets can either be mounted on the floor or the divider. When introducing this bidet, ensure you have got a few additional space to save in your lavatory. The spout in standalone bidets is comparative to that of the handheld.

Built-in Bidets

Typically, this is a water closet seat that comes with an in-built bidet. The in-built bidet spares you the hustle of acquiring each thing independently. You'll appreciate a wide cluster of highlights such as controlled water weight and temperature, a warmed can situate, and a dryer. Well, these bidets are costly, and they consolidate electricity while working. In the event that you adore extravagance, acquiring built-in bidets is the finest choice.

Portable Non-Electric Bidet

When traveling or camping for many days together with your loved ones, carry along the convenient bidet, portable bidets comprise of a bottle that includes a spout. Utilizing the versatile bidet, you'll fill the bottle with water and press it through the spout. Versatile bidets are reasonable and little sufficient to fit in your tote.

Portable Electric Bidet

Batteries control the versatile electric bidet; consequently, you do not ought to crush the bottle for water to come out. A few buttons empower you to control the water weight. On the flip side, these electric bidets have a greatest water capacity of 200ml.

What to Check out For Before Buying a Bidet

Bidet Type

As earlier discussed, different types of bidets function differently. Before settling for a bidet, ensure you choose the right type of bidet that meets your needs and one that can fit your bathroom space perfectly.


Ensure you conduct enough window-shopping before settling for the bidet to purchase. Ensure you buy a bidet that is within your budget to mitigate financial inconveniences.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Bidets cleaning and maintenance hacks vary depending on the type of bidet you install. It is advisable to purchase a bidet that is easy to clean and maintain for an enhanced durability level.


To enjoy maximum pleasure and comfort while using the bidet, purchase one that has advanced features such as water temperature control and dryer, among others.

Final Thought

Without any doubt, a bidet is a vital bathroom fixture to incorporate. Ensure you understand the different types of bidets in the market and determine one that can suit your needs. Remember to call a professional to aid you in fixing the bidet.


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