How Does a Bidet Work?

How Does a Bidet Work?
What is the best way to clean yourself up after doing your toilet-related activities? Most people will prefer using the good-old toilet paper wiping method. But, there’s a better way for you to clean your private parts after doing some toilet activities. You can use a bidet to clean your genital area with water instead of using the toilet paper to wipe your genital area.
A bidet will allow you to perform a thorough cleaning procedure for your private parts after taking a bowel movement. For women, you can also use the bidet to clean your vaginal area after urinating, during the menstruation period, after sexual intercourses, or after childbirth. So, how does a bidet work? This guide will help you understand how a bidet works.
Different Bidet Types Work in Different Ways
There are various bidet types you can find in the market today, and each bidet type will allow you to use them in different ways. Here are some bidet types you can install in your bathroom today:
  • The high-end electric bidet. This is the type of bidet that uses electricity to offer you various modern features, such as temperature control, remote control, dryer, deodorizer, heated seat, and many more. It is the most expensive bidet type you can install in your bathroom.
  • Bidet toilet attachment. It is the type of bidet that you can’t install by itself. Instead, you will need to install it as an attachment to your existing toilet. Thus, your toilet will have a dual function after you install this attachment. It will function as a regular toilet and as a bidet.
  • Traditional standalone bidet. This is the regular bidet type you can find in most households and public places nowadays. It doesn’t use any electricity, and it doesn’t offer any additional features. You just use this bidet to wash your private parts with water.
  • Handheld flexible bidet sprayer. This is the type of bidet that offers you a flexible water sprayer with no bidet seat available for you to use. You will need to use this flexible bidet sprayer alongside your toilet seat to clean your private parts with it.
How Does a High-End Electric Bidet Work?
The high-end electric bidet uses the electricity to function, and the electricity will also control various operations for the bidet when you use it. For instance, it uses the electricity to change the temperature of the water that will get sprayed out from the water sprayer on the bidet. So, you can choose to use warm or cool water to clean your private parts when using the bidet.
In terms of the basic function, the high-end electric bidet works just like the traditional bidet. There’s the bidet seat and the water sprayer, which are two basic components of a bidet, which you can use to perform the cleaning process for your genital area. The only difference is that the high-end electric bidet uses the electricity and smart application to offer additional and modern features to the bidet, so that you can use it with more ease and comfort, based on your needs and preferences.
How Does a Traditional Standalone Bidet Work?
The traditional standalone bidet has the basic working function to help you clean your private parts with water after doing your toilet activities. Thus, the traditional standalone bidet often gets installed alongside the toilet. On the bidet, you can find the bidet seat and the water spray faucet.
The basic way to use the traditional standalone bidet is to sit on the bidet seat while facing yourself toward the water sprayer. The water sprayer will spray water toward your genital area, so that you can clean it with your hand. Then, there’s the drainage system on the bidet that allows the water to go down the drain when you use the bidet, just like the toilet. The water sprayer faucet can get adjusted to spray water at a certain pressure, depending on your needs and preferences.
How Does a Handheld Flexible Bidet Sprayer Work?
A handheld flexible bidet sprayer works by attaching the handheld bidet unit to the water pipe, and by doing so, you can use the bidet water sprayer just like you would when you use the regular water sprayer on the standalone bidet. The only difference is that the handheld bidet water sprayer has a long and flexible hose that allows quite a flexible movement when you use it.
You will need to use the bidet water sprayer to clean your private parts by pointing the sprayer toward your private parts when you want to clean them. You can do this by sitting on the toilet seat. The bidet water sprayer will spray the water according to the pressure you put into it, and then you can use the sprayed water to clean your genital area after toilet use. You can use the bidet water sprayer instead of a traditional standalone bidet if you have a small toilet room, which won’t fit for the standalone bidet installation.
How Does a Bidet Toilet Attachment Work?
The bidet toilet attachment is a simplified bidet model you can attach to the toilet. It is the type of bidet that adds a bidet functionality to the toilet. In Japan and some parts of the world, washlet is the name for this type of toilet with a bidet functionality embedded in it.
Most bidet toilet attachments will use an electric power source to deliver additional features for the toilet. So, you can enjoy the features like the ones available in the high-end electric bidets today. However, the difference between the bidet toilet attachment and the high-end electric bidet is that the bidet toilet attachment will come only as an attachment for the toilet, whereas the high-end electric bidet is a standalone bidet you can install in your bathroom.
You have learned about how a bidet works. In most cases, a bidet will give you a better sense of cleanliness and refreshment when you use it to clean your private parts. No matter what the bidet type you are using, it’s an excellent cleanliness tool to clean your anal area, which is better than just wiping your anal area using toilet paper.

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