How to Effectively Use a Bidet

How to Effectively Use a Bidet
Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use a bidet to clean themselves after using a toilet rather than just wiping their bottom areas with toilet papers. Bidet can offer plenty of advantages for you during the cleaning process, much better than what toilet papers can provide for you. Thus, you can find bidets in more and more areas nowadays, including public places, such as shopping malls, restaurants, schools, airports, and so on.
To clean your bottom areas the right way after using the toilet, it’s important for you to use a bidet effectively. This way, you can perform a thorough cleaning process for your private parts after using the toilet. Here are some tips you can follow to use a bidet effectively:
  1. Check the Cleanliness of the Bidet Seat and Water Sprayer
First off, you need to ensure that the bidet you are using is hygienic. You can do it by checking the cleanliness of the bidet seat and water sprayer. This is important for you to do, as the bidet can also carry various germs if it doesn’t get cleaned from time to time. You need to do this when you are in a public place, and if you are at home, it’s necessary for you to set some time to clean your bidet and toilet after each use.
You can use the bidet after confirming that it is clean and healthy for you to sit on. After that, you can use the bidet to clean your private parts with no problems.
  1. Wipe Your Anus Once after Toilet Use
It might be optional for you to do, but wiping your anus once after using the toilet is a great way to start the cleaning process for it. Wiping alone is not enough in most cases, so you have to continue cleaning your anus by using the bidet, which will allow you to clean your bottom areas in better ways than just using the toilet papers.
Wiping your anus using the toilet papers once before using the bidet is something that can help you achieve the best cleanliness for your private areas. It is also much easier for you to clean your anus using the bidet after you wipe it with the toilet papers.
  1. Sit on the Bidet Seat and Use the Water Sprayer to Clean Your Private Parts
To use the bidet the right way, there are two methods you can follow. First, you can sit on the bidet seat just like you would when you sit on the toilet seat. Then, you can use the water sprayer on the bidet to clean your private parts. Be sure to position your anus or private parts in such a way that will allow the water to clean your bottom parts in a thorough cleaning process.
The second method is to use a straddling position around the bidet. The straddling position means putting one leg around the bidet seat to allow easier access to your genital area. Then, with this position, you can clean your private parts using the water sprayer on the bidet. Again, position yourself so that the water can clean your bottom areas without wetting the clothes you are wearing.
  1. Adjust the Water Pressure when You Need It
It’s important for you to adjust the water pressure on the bidet to avoid wetting your clothes during the cleaning process. For those who are unfamiliar with using a bidet, it might be quite difficult for you to clean your anus using the bidet water sprayer. However, with enough repetitions, using the water sprayer on the bidet can be much easier for you to do, as long as you know how to adjust the water pressure.
Adjusting the water pressure is necessary to avoid wetting your clothes or even to avoid the fecal matters from going outside the bidet area. So, be sure that the bidet water pressure is not too strong when you clean your anus, and make sure that the water will stay in the bidet area.
  1. Dry Your Bottom Areas with Toilet Papers after Using the Bidet
Next, it’s time for you to dry your bottom areas with toilet papers or a towel after you are done with your cleaning process. It should take only around a minute for you to clean your bottom areas using a bidet, and after that, it’s best for you to grab the toilet paper or a towel to dry your buttocks and the surrounding areas.
Of course, if the bidet has the dryer function, you don’t need to use the toilet paper or a towel to dry your bottom areas. You just need to activate the dryer function and let the bidet dry those areas for you. However, you might only find this type of high-end bidet in certain public places, such as at the airports, restaurants, and so on. Most of the time, you will only find the traditional bidets in most other areas, which require you to use a towel or toilet paper to dry your buttocks after using them.
  1. Use Additional Bidet Features when Possible
For expensive bidets, there are additional features that can improve your experience in using them. These features might include the heated seat, dryer function, remote control, water temperature option, and many others. The more high-end the bidet model, the better the features you can get out of it.
Using a bidet will be much easier for you if the bidet offers various additional features for you to use. It’s best for you to use the additional bidet features to make yourself feel comfortable when using this cleaning tool. For instance, you can increase the water temperature if you think that the water is too cold for you.
Follow these tips to use a bidet effectively. Bidet is a thorough cleaning tool to help you clean your bottom parts after using the toilet, and it can give you a sense of refreshment when you use it. Be sure to use the bidet to your advantage and take your time when you clean your bottom areas with it.

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