How to Use a Bidet Beneficially

"Hygiene is above all" — this wisdom has been repeated for centuries, and, fortunately, the relevance of this statement does not go away, especially if it is intimate hygiene.
Because of the desire to maintain hygiene, the bidet is gaining popularity daily. However, for some people, the installation of a unit still causes bewilderment. "Why is it needed with a bathtub and a regular toilet? How to use a bidet?"

What Kind of Device is Bidget

The bidet is a device belonging to the category of plumbing. Outwardly it looks like a toilet, but its function is the opposite: it helps maintain hygiene after visiting the toilet (performing the act of defecation and small needs).

History of the Bidet

The bidet appeared in the 17th century in France. The word "bidet" itself comes from "le bidet," which means "little grasshopper." So it is probably due to the design, which had in ancient times.
At that time, it was a small tub filled with water and placed on a small table. At that time, this device had the reputation of being a "device for courtesans." However, even Louis XVI considered this device valuable and necessary and used it.

How Does a Bidet Work

First, the perimeter is lined with high-pressure water jets to rinse the genitals thoroughly. The whole procedure is designed to prevent diseases of the urethra, venereal, and genital infections.
It is worth paying attention to the necessity of this device for people suffering from hemorrhoids. In addition to the massage effect, a person also gets the opportunity to maintain hygiene because toilet paper irritates the organs of this disease.

What and for Whom a Bidet is Necessary

The function of the bidet is to carry out hygienic procedures immediately after the toilet visit. Of course, an adult and healthy person can carry out this procedure in the bathroom. But people whose capabilities are limited, as well as citizens of advanced age, can not carry out hygienic procedures in full.
Another function of the bidet is to help in the household. For example, if the set has a shower head, it is possible to use the bidet to clean the toilet bowl, fill containers, and wash trays.

The Convenience of Bidet — a Wide Range of Functions, as well as Ease of Use

The only problem that may arise is limited space. However, you can solve this problem by buying a toilet and bidet in one device, i.e., a combined version.
It is worth noting that in the bidet, it is allowed to perform hygiene not only on the genitals but also to wash the feet. If necessary, it is possible to steam the legs in it for diseases or cosmetic procedures. It is needed to use a special, closing the outflow of the water plug to do this. After that, it requires careful treatment.

What Types of Bidets Exist

Before dissecting how to handle this unit, we need to understand the design. There are two types of bidets in total: manual and automatic.
  1. Manual (mechanical). Adjustment of the water jet, as well as its temperature, will have to regulate itself.
  1. Automatic. This bidet has a control unit. Manage the device via remote control. Such devices combine a thermostat, which heats the water and controls its pressure, adjusting under the established indicators.

Additional Options

The bidet is a multifunctional device so that it can combine the following features:
  • water heating;
  • water massage;
  • drying, i.e., the elimination of the need to use a towel;
  • light supply;
  • heated seat.

How to Use a Bidet

It is not difficult to use the bidet correctly because it does not require special skills to use this sanitary equipment. The main thing — is the observance of convenience.
The difference from the toilet is sitting on the bidet, and you can both face and back. Of course, if the design of the device allows for this.
Current devices can be universal, as well as divided by gender. Thanks to this, both men and women can experience a particular comfort in washing, which pleasures the procedure to maintain personal hygiene.

What You Need to Remember

Before using the device, check the temperature with your elbow to avoid getting burned. Also, pay attention to the water pressure, so you don't accidentally get your clothes wet.
For convenience, do not forget to put towels nearby; for more excellent hygiene, use disposable copies. Note that you cannot throw tissues or toilet paper in the bidet since the bidet is the same as the bathroom, only comfortable and in a reduced form.
If the bidet has a hair dryer function, you can refuse to use towels. Remember: the bidet can not replace taking a full shower. It is aimed only at maintaining the hygiene of the genitals after the need, during menstruation, and after sexual intercourse.

How to Use a Bidet for Men, Detailed Instructions

Scientists have confirmed that men suffer from hemorrhoids more often than women. Therefore, the need to use a bidet by the male sex increases dramatically.
  1. Check the pressure and temperature of the water by hand so as not to get painful burns.
  1. The anatomy makes it more comfortable for men to sit on the bidet with their backs on the device.
  1. Wait until the device has finished its work. Do not forget to use detergent.
  1. Use a towel if necessary.

Bidet, How to Use the Women

It is no secret that women need a bidet more than men because their genitals are deeper.
Women, unlike men, can sit to it both back and face — it all depends on convenience.
However, the position of the face helps to rinse the pelvic organs more thoroughly. In the rest, the principle of use does not differ from that of men; the main thing — do to not forget about using soap.
It is also worth paying attention to using a particular shower head. If it is available, it dramatically simplifies the Bidet process because it allows you to wash the outer surface of the organs more thoroughly. At the same time, the jet should be directed outward so as not to bring an infection into the vaginal opening, which can lead to the most severe diseases.

What to Consider When Buying

Bidet is a device people can use for hygienic procedures and household needs. It varies in structure, materials, location, and functions, through which the seat can be heated, changing the water pressure and temperature. Developers are trying to expand the range of capabilities of the bidet to provide people with comfort and convenience.
It is also worth remembering to use other hygienic detergents, for example, soap or intimate gel. Finally, it is worth paying attention to the choice of towels. It was disposable because harmful germs and fungi could remain on the fabric.

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