The Best Bidets 2021: SAMODRA Bidets

SAMODRA is a company that has built its brand around three aspects; environmentally friendly, healthy, and clean. It also has products distinguished by their uniqueness thanks to an in-house design team and their pursuit for innovation. SAMODRA's main products are bidets, aerators, dispensers, and showerheads, among others. Their innovativeness shines in all these products, as is their pursuit for environmentally friendly solutions that are also comfortable to the users. 

SAMODRA Bidets are a perfect example of the company's vision and values. The bidets address the secondary pollution issue that comes with tissue use as well as its hygienic limitations. Everyone can use the products, but more importantly, they are a great aid to the following people;
• Pregnant women
• Elderly and disabled people who have limited mobility
• Ladies in their period
• Hemorrhoids patients
• Children

They are also designed to work with 85% of the toilets in the market. To further enhance their utility, they feature easy-to-use control panels and knobs and easy to install setup. They are also durable and practical to all the uses you want from a bidet. The brand also excels in hygiene considerations, giving no room for germs and other parasites on the bidet attachment.


Anyone looking for a hygienic and comfortable solution for rear cleaning in the washroom needs not to look further than this attachment. It is designed to be easy to install and light to fit in most toilets. It is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly or anyone with limited mobility, and anyone else for whom tissue use is an inconvenience. A package includes one Bidet Attachment, 1 Braided Metal Hose, 1 Brass T-adapter, 2 Fixing Plates, 1 Rubber Washer, an installation manual.

The SAMODRA button bidet addresses all your needs for a bidet attachment with intelligent features and durable construction. The bidet attachment has a unibody design, a ceramic core, and a solid base T-valve.

Some of its outstanding features are;
• It has an ultra-thin design at only 6mm, which makes it 50% thinner than other competing products.
• It has a double spray mode for cleaning the posterior end and another for ladies' cleaning allowing plenty of convenience and hygiene.
• It has the self-cleaning ability, and you just have to turn on the self-cleaning mode which helps to clean and sanitize the nozzles.
• It offers excellent control to the user through the water pressure control knob and the button design control board. These two features offer ease of use and comfort.
• You do not have to worry about any leaks as the bidet comes with a securely sealed body and the rubber washer offers an extra layer of protection.


For the person looking for a no-frills but effective bidet attachment, no fixture comes close to the SAMODRA minimalist bidet. At 0.19mm thick, it is ultra-slim. Its small size also makes fixing a breeze since you do not struggle to ensure the toilet closes properly.

Its slim profile also means it can fit in many household toilets regardless of the design. The package comes with a single bidet seat, one braided metal hose, one brass T-adapter, one rubber washer, and two fixing plates. You also get all the necessary material you need for installation, like seal tape, Teflon tape, and a manual.

Other outstanding features include;
• Its minimalist design makes it easy to use by anyone from the elderly to children.
• It has a two-mode spray providing convenience for both front and back cleaning.
• It is non-electric, which makes it energy saving
• It comes with a water pressure adjusting function
• It has a nozzle guard for safe and sanitary storage of the nozzles.
• It features a nozzle protection ring.


IIf you desire a warm water bidet, then the SAMODRA SPA Bidet is for you. It has an elegant and intelligent design and features a button ​for control which gets you through the different settings fast and smoothly.

It features an ultra-thin profile with its 0.19mm thickness. It means you never have to worry about the toilet not closing. The intelligent feature in the design is the nozzle protection design which prevents the pedestal ring from being pressed onto the nozzle.

Other outstanding features are;
• It is a non-electric bidet with hot and cold water connections that allow users to experience warm water cleaning without electricity.
• It comes with a nozzle guard gate into which the nozzles automatically retract, keeping them clean and providing easy maintenance.
• It comes with adjustable water pressure control so you can pick the most comfortable intensity for you.
• Installation of the bidet is a breeze. You only go through four steps. There is no special skill required or tools, just a simple DIY project.
• The double spray mode allows ladies to use the bidet for cleaning both their back end and front end with extra convenience.


The SAMODRA bidet seat has all you want in a better alternative to using tissue paper. It seamlessly matches your toilet, with the white color blending in nicely with the rest of the setup. The overall build quality is exceptional. For instance, the company uses high-quality PP material & multi-layer surface finishes for the construction of the bidet seat. There is no electric power needed. The bidet seat is powered by water pressure. You just need to swivel the button to control the water pressure.

Other top features of the bidet seat include;
• It has Dual Nozzles: this allows for three spray modes, including a front cleaning mode for women, a rear one for both men and women and a self-cleaning mode.
• Water flow control: the water-pressure control knob helps you to adjust the water pressure so that it can meet your different cleaning demands.
• Toilet adaption: In addition to standard toilets, our toilet seat is suitable for a wider range of others.
• Easy to install and use: you will find using the bidet seat a breeze. You do not need any expertise to install it or plumbers.

Whatever your needs and style preferences for a bidet, you are sure to find one from the range of SAMODRA's products. The product impress in their elegance, hygiene, and environmental friendliness. 

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