The Best Ways to Clean Your Shower Head

The Best Ways to Clean Your Shower Head

A long hot shower is what we want. Nothing is as worrying as having a dead shower. If you feel the water pressure is not as steady as it used to be, something must be wrong. Mold, soap scum, and mineral deposits like limestone are the major causes of shower blockage, creating a breeding ground for bacteria build-up.
A showerhead is one thing everyone might assume to self-clean itself. A new showerhead has a steady and uniform water flow. This never lasts forever, and it could easily get clogged if you do not take good care of it. And you will have to clean a showerhead from time to time. You need to get the right material for cleaning before you get started; half a cup of vinegar, water, baking soda, a rubber band, a sizable cup, a pair of gloves, and a plastic wrapping bag. Here is a guide on the best way to clean a showerhead.

Soak your shower head

This should be the first step before you start cleaning. Turn on your shower to submerge the entire shower head with water. It will prepare the shower for easy cleaning. It also softens stubborn stains.

Inspect your showerhead

Running water on the showerheads allows a clear see-through of where the problem arises. Clogged and broken holes become visible when water gashes out.

Mix the cleaning detergents

In a sizable empty cup, open a plastic bag and fold the edges around the cup. Add half a cup of baking soda. Add a cup of vinegar to the bag and stir slowly. There is likely to be a chemical reaction but don't panic. It's only for a few seconds. Now, add water to fix and dilute the solution for a few seconds fully.


You could learn many techniques and many more tools you could use; however, we will stick to the basics here so that you don't get overwhelmed. So, how do you clean a showerhead? Well, there are two major ways to clean a showerhead.
• Scudding method
• Soaking method
The cleaning method you choose depends on how dirty your shower is. When cleaning a clogged showerhead, apply scrubbing methods to remove mild stains, while the soaking method is good with mulish stains.

Scrubbing method

Scrubbing methods entail a few easy steps, which everyone can do using a brush. This can be done daily, weekly, or even monthly. If this is done regularly, your shower is less likely to develop heavy deposit build-up. It removes light sop deposits and dirt.
Here are a few steps to scrub your shower head:
• Carefully remove the showerhead from the shower arm and gently turn it clockwise to open up. If the showerhead is handled, twist if open in case it is connected to a flexible hose. Place it in a basin or over the sink basin and clean.
• The rubber nozzle through which most showerheads send water is more likely to get blocked with mineral deposits. Scrub thoroughly using cleaning soap or powder with small brushes to eliminate any germs and deposits. Do not scrub the rubber vigorously since it's too delicate. Avoid strong detergents; they may destroy the nozzle, leaving discoloration, cleaving more damage.
• Disassemble the showerhead where the shower head attaches to the water supply.
• Remove the screen filter inside the back section and run it under the faucet while scrubbing it gently with a brush. Once everything is cleaned up, reassemble your shower back together.
Your shower flow should normally work at this stage unless your shower normally has low pressure. If this doesn't work for you, it's time to go for the soaking method.

Soaking method

This is where the mixture made comes to practice. You can soak the shower on a bag of your concoction for assume time for some minutes. This will depend on how fast you need to use the bathroom. You can either choose to remove the entire shower head or soak it. Avoid using harsh detergent to minimize any chance of destroying it. Both soaking and scrubbing can be done all at once for better results.
• In an empty cup, place your plastic bag and wrap the edges. Carefully pour the mixed solution of vinegar, water, and baking soda into the plastic bag. Wrap the bag around your showerhead and tightly secure it with a plastic wrap or clip.
• Let the showerhead soak for a few hours or a day, and remove the plastic bag to test whether the shower is in good condition.
• If you need to remove the showerhead, soak the solution in a plastic bag for a few hours or a day. Remove the shower filter and apply the scrubbing method, and your shower should work perfectly.
• Reassemble and reattach your shower.

Maintaining your showerhead

Your shower requires frequent cleaning and maintenance to work perfectly. You do not have to keep working on it every single bay. Taking a little time every month or once every two months is enough.
• Keep a bottle of a cleaning solution in a spray bottle.
• It will save you time from purchasing a new one every time you need a quick clean. Let's not forget how much money it will save you over time.
• Fix any shower drip. A dripping shower head will develop a hard water deposit over time if left unattended. If it's an old shower and can't stop leaking, you can opt to get a new one.
• Another hack is to install a water softener. You might be having trouble with your pipes, taps, and shower because the water is hard. The water softener will trap hard minerals like calcium lime and rust from entering the shower. It will keep your shower clean. Softeners also keep your home appliances like dishwashers, pipes, and other appliances safe with a prolonged life.
• If you have a problem with mold build-up, then it's time you remove; you can use products like Earthworm mold stain or Mildew treatments.

Final Thoughts

Showerhead cleaning should be such a smooth operation. In case you are having trouble with your shower, you can get a professional to save your day.

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