Samodra Shower System #1

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  • 【High Pressure Shower Head】The shower systems with rain shower and handheld, and the high pressure shower head give you an efficient shower experience.
  • 【Warm and Nice shower】The shower faucet set comes with a pressure balance valve, which is able to ensure that there's an even water flow and the right temperature. You can calmly continue singing in the shower - without the risk of being burned or getting a cold shock.
  • 【Preventing Water Hammer】The shower valve body is constructed of high-quality brass ensuring dependability and longevity, with the function of water flow adjustment, which is able to prevent water hammer noise and protect the pipe from bursting.
  • 【Universal Inlets / Outlets 】 The gold shower set with NPT 1/2" connecting thread, which is compatible with most standard U.S. plumbing connections, is designed to easily install, more suitable for American bathrooms.
  • 【Shower Faucets Sets Complete】9 inch rain shower head, 6 functions hand-held shower head, shower arm, shower hose, shower holder and brass pressure balance valve.
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