Samodra Kitchen Sink Lotion Dispenser F060

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• Solid brass and 500ml durable PE plastic bottle,
• A 3.2-inch nozzle that reaches over the sink, the pump head swivels 360 degrees.
• There is no leak, clog or jam when pressing for soap.
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Best Choice for Better Life! Enhance your kitchen room with this Stylish Soap Dispenser Set !!

Samodra uses the finest quality components, each and every one of the kitchen soap dispenser pumps is made to last. There is no clog, no leak, and leaves you away from frustration.

Self-Priming Pump with Perfect Engineering Mechanism

The soap dispenser for the sink holds a prime one press and always delivers soap on the very first pump. Don't drip and actually gives you a decent amount of soap for each pump with a lifespan of more than 100,000 times press.

Say Goodbye to Crawling Under the Sink

Refilling this sink soap dispenser is easy. When the 17-ounce / 500ml liquid container is empty, simply remove the pump head and refill liquid soap from the top. There is no dripping under the sink.

High Quality You Can Trust

Samodra sink soap dispenser pump is made of high quality material, lead free solid brass and food grade PET bottle, healthy and durable.

Best Matching Choice

Add a modern look to your kitchen with Samodra liquid soap dispenser. Its sleek silhouette makes it ideal for contemporary or transitional spaces.

The simple modern design coordinates well with any faucet and sink styles, adding visual interest to any kitchen and bathroom.

Very Easy to Self-install and Use

Extremely easy to install in just a few short minutes. No tools needed! The head of this Countertop Liquid Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser freely rotates by 360° so the spout can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Example title

• Max capacity: 500 ml
• Threaded Tube Length: 3.15 inch
• Hole Size Range: 0.98 inch﹤size﹤1.76 inch
• Threaded Tube Dimension: 0.98 inch
• Material: pump-head(brass) + Bottle(PE plastic)

Package Contents

1 * PE empty bottle

1 * brass pump-head

2 * Washer



It’s a kitchen sink soap dispenser, so you might think it is what it is, but the product and service did actually exceed expectations. The dispenser, itself, is very high quality. It’s metal, not coated plastic, and it’s very solid/heavy. It has a stylish design and it works great.

Dan forrester

They were simple to install, just screwing the top pieces to the bottom pieces through the sink top, all of two minutes work. They are attractive by themselves, and even more so alongside the faucet, looking like a matching set.


You can fill it from the top and do not have to crawl under the counter to get the bottle to refill. And there is no bottle under the sink with a hose going to it like other soap dispensers. Seems much cleaner and easier for me to use.

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