Clean and refreshing, always for you.

Clean and refreshing, always for you.

A bidet for Every-Body

Regardless of where you poop, what type of skin you have, or your experience level, we have a bidet for you.

Minimalist bidet

Simple design, High-quality materials
Easy to use, and Sustainable living.

Soap Dispensers

The built-in soap dispenser perfectly matches your faucet, stunning your counter and helping you become a housework expert.

Shower Heads

Strengthen your water pressure like “Firehose”, Various spray settings allow water to please your body.

Bidet Seats

A one-piece bidet seat keeps the toilet clean and simple. Easier to fit, easier to install, easier to enjoy a clean feel.



You just have to unscrew some things and then put in the new valve for this split valve thing, and then you just have to hook this to the toilet itself, and it's pretty easy. I think everyone needs a bidet, honestly. If I can install it, you can install it.

Liz Hale
Tempe, AZ

I personally really have been enjoying it ever since I've installed the bidet that way you just really know that everything is clean rather than just using toilet paper which sometimes um you don't get the full clean and overall I really like this brand because it made it super easy to install it was really quick and I've had really no issues um since using it.

Lavinia Rusanda
Los Angeles, CA

It's affordable. You save paper This is a great alternative to toilet paper, and honestly a lot of people talk about bidet.

Alexandra Alvarez

The reason Europeans are happy than Americans, but I'm definitely going to say it's a contributed factor because I've never felt cleaner. I've never felt fresher. I've never felt more invigorated than after using that. But today, I feel like I've lied to my whole life. If you could afford to get a SAMODRA bidet by all means. Please go ahead because WOW American.

San Antonio, TX