Best Bidets for Women

Clean, Safe & Fresh for Females

Bidets for Women

Bidets are the recommended cleaning tool for women since they don't require too much effort but offer numerous hygiene benefits. Switching from toilet paper to a bidet will make females feel strange initially, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. They clean much better than toilet paper, are gentler on the sensitive genital area, and reduce your toilet paper consumption by 75% - 100%. SAMODRA is one of the best bidet brands that offer a clean, safe and fresh cleaning experience for ladies.


Yeast infections and UTIs are annoying and painful health problems that many women and trans people with vaginas prefer to avoid, if possible. As a result, it is absolutely normal to worry if switching to using bidets instead of toilet paper is the safer option.

Although no research provides whether using affordable non-electric bidets is safer than using toilet paper, bidets are generally safe for use by women. It is a common belief that water is the best and healthiest way to get rid of dirt and germs. However, you must ensure that you know how to use these fixtures properly. For instance, the front-to-back principle applies when using bidets as well. Some bidets come with a front wash feature, sometimes referred to as feminine wash, to spray and clean your genitalia and anus from front to back.

It is also vital to ensure that the toilet seat is dry before use by using the bidet's toilet seat drying feature. Alternatively, you can use a few pieces of toilet paper to dry the toilet seat since a damp toilet seat can encourage the growth of bacteria and yeast. Additionally, it is crucial to note that even though bidets are safe for use by women, it is not a full-proof guarantee that you will not develop an infection or virus. However, since some bidets are hands-free, it is safer to use them to clean the vaginal area after using the bathroom as it ensures the spread of fewer germs.

Bidets can also come in handy for women on their menstruation cycles. Often, when there is a heavy flow and you feel messy down there, bidets are an effective and convenient way to clean up without irritating your skin. The same goes for people who enjoy intercourse in the morning. You no longer have to take a full shower when you invest in a bidet in your bathroom. There are many benefits for everyone when it comes to using bidets. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also a convenient and pleasant experience that makes using the bathroom and your life in general easier.

Bidets are not only convenient, thorough, and efficient; they also have numerous hygiene benefits. Both men and women can benefit from using bidets, but to a woman, a bidet can be a godsend, especially during menstruation and pregnancy.

They provide a gentle but thorough clean during menstruation. Menstrual flow usually contains more than just blood. It also has vaginal mucus and endometrial particles that decay and start to smell when they come in contact with air. Bidets provide a thorough rinse that cleans off all the menstrual discharge for a fresh, odorless feel.

They provide relief and hygiene benefits during pregnancy. There's no better time to own a bidet than during pregnancy. Pregnancy comes with its share of complications, from hemorrhoids to swelling of the perineum to postnatal bleeding. Using a bidet during pregnancy is a surefire way to soothe hemorrhoids, swollen perineum, and all other aches and discomforts the condition induces. It also helps you maintain high hygiene levels even as you become less mobile in the later stages of pregnancy.

They help prevent infections. One of the leading causes of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is poor personal hygiene. Wiping isn't the most efficient cleaning method, especially for women. It's easy to get infected from remnants of fecal matter that toilet paper doesn't remove. Bidets are highly efficient when it comes to washing off all solid waste, leaving you shower-fresh every time you use the bathroom. You avoid many infectious UTIs when you use water instead of paper to clean your most sensitive parts.

They're good for maintaining general hygiene. Feeling fresh all the time will keep your confidence up, which is why bidets are handy for pre-and post-coital cleaning. It provides gentle soothing and makes cleaning up after intercourse less messy.

Some people, ask the question; are bidets for women only? The short answer is that bidets are great for everyone, but some additional info might be helpful. Let's take a quick look at the facts.

Bidet work by directing a spray of water directly to your nether regions as you sit upon the toilet seat. Earlier bidets would be a stand-alone type located next to the usual toilet seat, but recent ones are the toilet seat attachments incorporated into your typical toilet setup. For thorough cleansing and freshness that does away with the often messy and environmentally unfriendly tissue paper, there's nothing that beats a good bidet. Some bidets come with a 'bum gun' on a flexible hose that you can manipulate to direct the water spray, and some setups have both a front and rear nozzle to make sure everything is left spanking clean.

So, what's the fuss about? Many assume that bidets are only useful for women as they effectively get to some of the harder-to-reach areas that biological differences make cleanliness a much more pressing concern for women than for men. Or so we thought. But why do men need bidets as well? While the fairer sex might have hygiene and feminine health concerns that might mystify the males out there (postpartum hygiene, menstrual cycles, urinary tract infections, and the like), men will also find bidets to be a valuable addition to their bathroom layout.

Hemorrhoids, rashes, jock itch (tinea cruris), and bacterial prostatitis (prostate infection and inflammation), are a few of the conditions that may be avoided or alleviated by the use of bidets, as these units will get rid of the endometrial particles and bacteria that bring them about. Those who are sexually active will find bidets particularly useful in helping prevent yeast infections or urinary tract infections by conveniently cleaning off the relevant bits after an encounter.

Bidets are available in many different forms, which is why they are highly sought-after in modern bathrooms worldwide. Since you can never predict the type of bidet you will come across; it is best to familiarize yourself with them, especially as a woman. Without further ado, let us look at the different kinds of bidets.

Standalone or Traditional Bidets

Often found next to regular toilets, standalone bidets look like low and large sinks. They consist of water filled to the top of the bowl and may come with spraying jets. Such bidets are popular in many parts of the country other than North America. If you want to use a standalone bidet, straddle or sit on the bidet facing the fixtures or facing away from them, depending on what you are most comfortable with. Remember to remove your pants. Upon positioning yourself over the bidet, proceed to fumble the knobs to release hot or cold water, depending on your preference.

Handheld Bidets

Also referred to as bidet sprayer or bidet shower, these are sprayer attachments installed on regular toilets. They serve as a convenient and affordable means of cleaning your genitals and anus after using the bathroom or after coitus to freshen up. When using a handheld bidet, start by turning off the valve to enable water to enter the bidet line. Upon switching on the bidet, take the sprayer attachment and position it beneath yourself as you sit on the toilet. Adjust the controls to your preference, then press the ON button to spray it. Be sure to spray from the vagina towards the anus to prevent bacterial infections. Once satisfied, mount the bidet back to its original position and use toilet paper to dry yourself as you normally would.

In-built Bidets/Bidet Toilet

An in-built bidet consists of a traditional toilet designed with a bidet feature. In this case, after using a toilet with an in-built bidet, flushing it activates the bidet feature, which automatically releases a vertical stream of water to clean you. When using such toilets, ensure that you position yourself properly while sitting on them. You may opt to adjust the control to achieve your preferred water temperature and then proceed to use the toilet. Once you flush it, wait for it to wash over your genitals and bottom. It is advisable to first flush the toilet before using it to see where the water comes from and its pressure.

As a popular alternative to traditional tissue paper, bidets are relatively simple to use. Although it may take some getting used to, many women can easily become avid users once they try using it. Additionally, knowing how to use it beforehand goes a long way in making your first-time experience more comfortable.



I like the buttons but I am worried that they will go out quicker than the models that have a turn knob. Only time will tell though- for now, I am satisfied and so so happy to once again have a bidet in this bathroom.


My experience with bidets + water spray guns are second nature. Was super excited to see a bidet in a business though, so .. purchase one for your home +/or business!!! My father, mum + step dad, sister, myself included all have one on our toilets in our homes. Definitely a great gift to have accessible.

 Evan Jacobson

it was very easy to install! I tried out the feminine setting and was pleasantly surprised at how well it cleaned "in there". It wasn't invasive, it cleaned about as far in as using toilet paper would. So it's not like a douche or anything that would potentially mess up your pH balance or anything!