Non Electric Bidets

Get a Relaxing Cleaning Experience at Lower Costs

Non Electric Bidets

It's time to get a more hygienic and relaxing cleaning experience than using a toilet paper roll. Bidets’ sales are on the rise; though most of them have whistles and bells, the electric bidets have made it hard for people to make any movements while using them for fear of the unknown. You feel you might set off some functionalities. Fortunately, more spartan bidet seats do exist, the non-electric ones. They are a great eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to toilet paper. You can install them easily, thus offering a considerable improvement to the bathroom cleanliness hygiene. You don't have to be committed to those complex electric bidets.


Not all bidets require electricity; it all depends on the kind of bidet you purchase. When purchasing a bidet, it means you decide on the features that you want it to have. Therefore, you get to select your preferred bathroom adventure. Some bidets will not ask for power at all. For instance, a standard bidet attachment is mechanically powered. Here, you don't require any electricity, also, the type with temperature control.

You must have a power source in your bathroom if you decide on purchasing bidets with the most features. For instance, a multi-functional bidet toilet seat will use electricity due to features requiring heating your bidet seat and remote-controlled access. Therefore, if you think of installing one, you need a power source close to the bathroom.

The non-electric bidets require easy attachments to work. It's the most effortless way to include a bidet functionality to the existing toilet; you install them underneath the current old toilet seat but with no electrical outlet required. Then you hook them up to a close water source that offers freshwater for cleansing powered by the water pressure.

Yes, they are! Since they don't require any power outlet source, they are, on average, better than their electric counterparts. Non-electric cold water bidets are an excellent selection for individuals with a very tight budget and maybe people who are not willing to replace the entire toilet seat.

In case you need to do renovations, it's a great choice to start with. Also, you don't need a professional to install it; it only takes ten minutes.

When you decide to plunge and purchase a bidet, you will realize that multiple models and options seem overwhelming. But you should not panic since one way to reduce the confusion is to slice off the large chunk of the available bidet. Before you begin with this excellent bathroom experience, you should consider the model that suits your needs the most. Have the needs and budget in mind because they all serve the same central purpose, but some are advanced.

These two have significant divisions that offer us sufficient background to launch a discussion regarding their pros and cons. You might think there are no cons to the electric model, so hang in there. We will discuss several.

Pros of Non-Electric Bidets

• Installation is easy and quick
• More affordable
• Hand-help choices
• You can still have your old toilet seat
• Power outage doesn't affect its operation
• It offers simplicity and the bidet price is low
• Some consist of dual nozzles meant for the frontal and rear wash to cover the entire area
• The auto-cleaning feature that sanitizes the nozzles

Cons of Non-Electric Bidets

• It uses some cold water
• It lacks an air dryer
• Do not have a heated seat
• Lacks self-cleaning
• Uses manual operation
• It lacks the extra "whistles and bells" like the electric bidet
• Has basic features
• Hard to adjust the water pressure is often harder to adjust
• Not preferred for people with arthritis since the nozzle might not be adjustable

So, for people who prefer a cold-water spray on their behind after visiting the bathroom, this non-electric bidet is an excellent choice.

Pros of the Electric Bidets

• Heated seat
• Controls water temperature
• Night light
• Air dryer
• Able to control the water pressure
• Self-cleaning Multiple features depending on the kind of model you select

Cons of the Electric Bidets

• Costly than the non-electric bidets
• You have to dispose of the old toilet seat
• It needs a power outlet
• Power outages disrupt its operations

Therefore, if you require a complex bidet bathroom experience and spend more money, the electric bidet is the best selection.

As earlier mentioned, a non-electronic bidet requires a quick fix. Its attachments don't use any power outlet. Instead, it is powered by water pressure. The moment it's connected, you reinstall the seat over your bidet.

There are the advanced bidets attached to your toilet, between the seat and the toilet bowl. You must detach the toilet seat first for this kind of attachment and then secure your bidet directly to your toilet. After the connection, reinstall the seat over your bidet. Like a hand shower spray, you connect a non-electric bidet to a cold-water line that allows water to your toilet tank. Interested in a bidet? Check out our bidet deals.



We appreciate that this unit does not need electricity; main reason for our purchase of the unit. We did not want the extra cost of installing an electrical outlet. We do not mind the cold water.

 tobey haluptzok

I have an electric fancy seat in my hall restroom, but this in my master bedroom. It is so much better than the electric one. What annoys me about the electric one is that I can't do my business in the dark with it. This one has buttons that are easy to feel and remember.

Matthew C

I have always heard the benefits of using a bidet, but our bathroom has no electrical outlet near our toilet. A friend of mine told me that he got one and it works great and it didn’t use electricity. I decided to give it a try. Thanks for the great product, I’m a convert!!! 👍

 Leslie A. Smith