Installation Guide

How to install your Samodra bidet


Step by step

1. Turn water supply completely off.

2. Empty all water from toilet tank.

3. Remove toilet seat.

4. Unscrew seat fastener.

5. Place Samodra on toilet bowl.

6. Screw seat fastener back on.

7. Place toilet seat on Samodra.

8. Unscrew water supply hose.

9. Place black washer in T-adapter.

10. Make sure the wahser is pushed to the bottom.

11. Screw T-adapter to toilet tank.

12. Screw water supply hose to T-adapter.

13. Check the bidet hose.

14. Screw one side to T-adapter,

and the other side to bidet.

15. Complete the installation as shown

16. Turn water supply on and test water.

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