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Bidet Attachments

Bidet toilet attachments come in different shapes and sizes, but they generally perform the same functions, which are to provide people with a means of cleaning themselves up after using the toilet and brushing up their nether regions whenever they want or need to. It is also important to note that installing a bidet toilet attachment will mean adding a second toilet basin to your standard toilet. This can sometimes be costly depending on the situation and may require some renovation to your bathroom if you decide to move forward with the addition. One of the main ideas that led to the creation of the bidet attachment was the need for a versatile and capable bathroom appliance that could provide users with a way of improving their toilet hygiene standards and cleanliness, which it has well accomplished perfectly. 


A bidet toilet attachment can be defined as a tool or device used by people to clean their nether regions after using the toilet. They are available in various forms. One of the oldest versions, which is still around, looks like a cross between a sink and a toilet bowl. One uses it by filling it up with water that is then straddled, after which you can wash. Some of these older models are sometimes modified and fitted with a handheld wand that can spray water.

The earliest known bidets can be traced back to France in the 17th Century, where they are still quite popular today. Other countries like Portugal, Spain, and Italy, are also known for their use of bidets. Some of them have made it a mandatory requirement in certain establishments. Areas with a high population of Muslims are also known for their heavy use of this kind of device.

On the home front, experts agree that bidet attachments are typically ideal for those with a second bathroom, those living in rental houses, and anyone who is on a budget but wants to adopt better toilet hygiene practices. Senior citizens and those with debilitating conditions residing in assisted living homes also benefit significantly from bidet toilet attachments.

Bidet attachments are devices placed between the toilet and the toilet seat. Their primary purpose is to provide a better hygienic alternative to regular toilet paper. The spray wands found in these attachments will depend on the kind of model you acquire and have control buttons for users. Both these features are present in a bidet toilet seat attachment and a stand-alone bidet attachment.

The user controls the pressure and direction of the water sprayed from the nozzle by turning a dial found on the attachment arm. The water from the wand washes away feces and urine, which means the user does not need toilet paper. However, some still prefer to use a bidet attachment and toilet paper.

To make the most out of your bidet experience, you have to choose the best bidet attachment capable of matching your existing toilet. This means taking enough time to look around at the available products in the market and doing in-depth research on which model will adequately suit the bathroom needs of you and your family.

To help you with this, the following are some of the aspects you can look at before purchasing a bidet attachment:

• Whether or not it has an anti-bacterial nozzle
• Internal brass values
• Metal connections
• Warm and cold-water features
• Braided PVC hosting

It would be rather unfortunate if you ended up with a bidet that cannot fully serve its purpose or work the way it was intended for.

Yes. One of the more obvious reasons why you should get a bidet attachment in your bathroom is that it will allow you to move away from the use of toilet paper. This will help you save money and enable you to protect the environment in some small way, which still counts. According to statistics, in those areas in North America and elsewhere, which have not fully embraced the use of bidets, people spend close to $100-$150 on toilet paper each month. This means that if you have a big family, putting in place a bidet toilet attachment in your bathroom would be an economically wise decision.

Bidets are also more user-friendly for people dealing with physical disabilities that cause them to have trouble using toilet paper. Those with medical conditions like hemorrhoids also find bidets to be more comfortable to use.

In addition, even though toilet paper may not be a problem for most sewer systems, households that use septic tanks can stand to benefit from flushing down less solid waste if they put a bidet attachment in place.

Both makers and users can attest to the sanitary value of bidet attachments. If you are new to these devices or are just getting to hear about them, you need to understand the hygienic value they can offer to you and your home as well.

Bidet attachments are connected to one's existing toilet seat, but they spray clean water from the sink's water source. This water is sanitary and is the same as the one that comes out of your faucet or shower. As a result, you should have no qualms on whether or not the water you are using to clean your nether regions is sanitary. Once this water has served its purpose, it is flushed down the drain, so there is no re-use issue.

According to Dr. Evan Goldstein, a respected professional in his field, the fact of the matter is that washing your private area after going to the toilet with a bidet attachment is more sanitary than using toilet paper. One of the reasons for his analysis is based on the principle that wiping with toilet paper can sometimes lead to the smearing of fecal matter around the skin, leaving behind residue and also bacteria. This situation can eventually lead to health issues for some people. Whereas using a bidet effectively cleans your nether regions in a better manner.

Generally, there are two kinds of bidets; these are handheld and hands-free. In North America, most of the bidets used are hands-free.

A bidet attachment is simple to use. The way that it works is that after going to the toilet, one activates it by using controls placed on the side of the toilet seat. If it is a non-electric model, water will begin to spray out instantly. There is usually a switch that you can use to modify the spray angle to hit the intended right spot. There could also be another one responsible for adjusting the water pressure, depending on what sort of attachment you have.

There is usually a slight delay in electronic bidets, from when you press the water button to when it starts to spray out. These kinds of bidet toilet attachments have to extend the nozzle as the water heats up. Once this is done, it is when the spraying starts.

After doing your business and feel that you are clean enough, you can switch off the bidet. Depending on what model you have, it may start to self-clean the nozzle. If need be, you can also dry yourself with some toilet tissue after you are done.

Suppose you have only been recently introduced to bidets or just seeking to expound on what you already know about them. In that case, one of the best places you can start is to understand some of the differences that exist between bidet attachments and bidet seats.

For starters, some of the common aspects they differ include ease of installation, price, spraying capabilities, and also use. However, these will largely depend on the user, installer, and the kind of toilet one is seeking to add the attachment or seat.

The main difference that almost everyone can agree that exists between the two is that the device is placed between the user's existing toilet seat and the bowl in the case of a bidet attachment. For a bidet seat, the user has to replace their current toilet seat in its entirety. However, it is essential to point out that both still use nozzles to spray water that retracts after they are done.

Bidet attachments are also non-electrical. This means that you will not have to connect them to your main power supply. For bidet seats, they can be both electrical and non-electrical as well. A bidet attachment is controlled via a side panel, which is situated underneath the toilet seat. Non-electrical bidet seats are operated using a small lever or even knob found on the side of the toilet seat. For electrical bidet seats, users operate them via a panel attached to the side of the toilet or wireless remote control.



This bidet attachment was easy to install and didn't cause any issues with our existing toilet seat in terms of needing spacers. The buttons are easy to use for the various modes, and the dial works well for adjusting the strength of the spray. All in all, we're very happy with it so far!

Heather T.

Once I started using a bidet attachment, there's no going back to toilet-paper-only. When my initial attachment cracked after 3 years I bought this Samodra product. I like it better than the one I had for the primary reason that there is a separate dial that lets you set the water pressure.

 Dennis Freeman

This is my very first bidet and bidet experience. The cold water only feature is not a problem, i actually think I would prefer cold water to warm water anyways for this. I’m a very thorough cleaner and this bidet has cut back my wipe usage from 3-4 wipes per poop down to just one! This is a great affordable bidet attachment. 5 stars