10 Best Samdora Bidets With Free Shipping

More Hygienic

Bidets are more hygienic compared to other forms of self-cleansing after using the washroom. They allow users to clean themselves thoroughly, ensuring that they get rid of any fecal matter and urine droplets.

Excellent for Health

Bidets are great for your health. Lax washroom hygiene creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Cleaning oneself with a bidet and drying yourself afterward helps prevent such cases.

More Eco-Friendly

Bidets are more eco-friendly compared to other self-cleansing means. For instance, tissue paper leads to deforestation, carbon dioxide emissions, plastics, etc. However, water used when using bidets can be recycled.

Better Skin Care

Your groin and nether region are some of the most sensitive areas of your body. Wiping with tissue paper bruises and contaminates your skin with toxic chemicals that could lead to rushes. On the other hand, washing with water is comfy, clean, and good for your skin.


1.Remove toilet seat

2.Connect Samodra to cleanwater supply

3.Place seat back & push button to spray





A bidet (bathroom plumbing fixture) is a gentler and more hygienic alternative that's used when cleaning your private parts (male and female genitalia) and your nether regions (your behind). It's used by people with limited motion, partners (before and after sex), after using the bathroom, etc.
Bidets have been around for quite some time, especially around the Middle East and the South Americas; however, they are becoming more popular because of their massive benefits.
Traditional bidets comprised of a bowl filled with clean water, but technological advancements have led to creating modern and more effective alternatives. Bidets are considered more hygienic, efficient, and comfortable compared to other self-cleansing means like toilet paper. It would be good to note that bidets can also be used for other purposes like washing one's feet depending on each user's preferences.
However, also note that bidets are not designed to be used as an alternative to toilets. Thus, it wouldn't be good to do your number one or number two on a bidet since this could clog the pipes, cause infections, or both.

Bidets work by spraying a steady water jet on the body part you wish to wash, i.e., your bum or genital area. The pressure created by the water helps get rid of any remaining fecal matter and washes it down the drains.
For instance, say you've gone for a number two and made a mess. All you need to do is sit on the bidet, and the concentrated stream of water will wash away any remaining fecal matter. However, this isn't always the case.
There are various bidet designs, which means that there are some differences in how they work. For instance, warm water bidets have two switches that you use to adjust water temperature, and electric bidets have a control panel used to lower or raise the toilet seat, etc.
However, other bidet designs don't have jets. Instead, they have a faucet that fills the bowl with water. In such cases, you'll have to use your hand to clean yourself. Therefore, if you plan to purchase one, the best thing to do would be to read the instructions for how to use it.

Your first bidet experience can be a little daunting; however, you need not be scared. They are pretty easy to use, and the only thing you need is to read up on some basic instructions that could help you get a better idea of what you are supposed to do. Here goes:

Stand-alone bidets

You'll need to straddle the bidet, preferably facing the controls for easier manipulation. However, sometimes you may need to face away from the controls depending on which part of your body you'd wish to wash. Note that you may be forced to remove your trouser if you are wearing one.

Toilet seat bidets

If you are using a toilet seat bidet, then you'll have to look for the remote control or find the button on the toilet. Press the start burton, and a nozzle will appear below you and clean your nether regions. When done, press the stop button, and the nozzle will wash and retract. Note: Whichever type of bidet you use, ensure that you set the temperature accordingly to avoid burns. Position yourself appropriately before pressing the start button and dry yourself after you are done.

Ensure that you have a water supply and a socket that you can use to operate the bidet (if the bidet is electrically operated). You'll need to remove the old toilet seat by unscrewing the plastic bolts that hold it in place.
Next, install the mounting bracket (hardware that comes with the bidet toilet seat) into the old seat's holes, ensuring that everything aligns appropriately. You could align the bidet to the mounting brackets to ensure that it fits.
Disconnect the water hose and install a branch valve that'll supply the bidet with water. Ensure that you take appropriate measures to prevent any leaks (wrap plumber tape around your water line valve's threads). Connect the water supply hoses and install the seat.
Turn on the water, connect the seat to a source of electricity and check if it is working. Take some time to get familiar with your bidet toilet seat before using it. Check out the various settings, ensure that it is working correctly, and go ahead and do your number two.
Note: If you want to install a stand-alone bidet, it would be best to get the services of a certified plumber to avoid any accidents.

Bidets come at an average cost of $1090. However, depending on the model, some could cost as much as $2500 or as low as $400. Different designs have different features, and this can affect the total cost. As such, you'll have to analyze and compare to get the perfect bidet that serves your needs.
In addition to this, you'll have to consider the plumbing costs that are common with installations. While installing bidet toilet seats is much simpler and cheaper, installing stand-alone bidets may be more expensive depending on how much plumbing needs to be done.
The national average plumbing cost for installing bidets is $1000; however, it could be as high as $2500 or as low as $400. In addition, note that if you aren't DIYer, then there is a possibility that you may need an electrician's services.
The electrician will help install an electrical outlet in case you want to install an electrical bidet. Add all these charges, and you'll have gotten your answer on how much bidets cost and how much you'll need during installations.

While many people believe that using bidets leaves you wet and messy, we are here to inform you that that’s far from the truth. Using bidets leaves you clean, and you could dry yourself quickly afterward.
You could press the dry option in your remote if you are using a modern bidet, and you’ll be dried with hot air from an air drier. If you are using a more traditional bidet, you may have to use a paper towel or toilet paper to dry yourself.
Most public toilets provide towels that you could use to dry yourself; however, we could advise you to refrain from using them since it is unhygienic. Please dispose of the paper towel or toilet paper appropriately and wash your hands with soap and water. It would also be good to ensure that you leave the bidet clean and fresh for the next user.

Bidet toilet seat is a toilet that can also function as a bidet, so you don’t need to use a separate cleaning tool to wash yourself after using the toilet. Using the bidet toilet seat is easy.

Here are some steps you can follow to use a bidet toilet seat:

Flush the toilet after taking a bowel movement. Before using the bidet, it’s best for you to flush the toilet first after taking a bowel movement. This way, you can ensure the toilet is clean before you use it as a bidet.

Push the ‘Wash’ button on the bidet toilet seat. Now, you can push the ‘Wash’ button on the bidet toilet seat. This button will activate the washing mechanism of the bidet, allowing you to spray the water into your anal area.

Adjust the water spray when necessary. You can adjust the water spray using the remote control that comes with the bidet toilet seat. You can adjust it to strengthen or lessen the water spray, and you can also adjust the water spray direction.

Dry your buttocks afterwards. You can push the ‘Dry’ button after you have finished washing your anal area. The dryer will dry your buttocks in a few seconds.

(Optional) Use the toilet paper or towel to further dry your buttocks. Next, you can wipe your anal area using the toilet paper or towel if you feel it is necessary for you to do. Otherwise, you have done using the bidet toilet seat.

Portable bidet is the smaller version of the bidet that you can carry anywhere. You can use it in places where you don’t have any access to the bidet or the bidet toilet seat.

You can follow these steps to use a portable bidet:Fill the bottle with warm or cold water. You can fill the bottle of portable bidet with warm or cold water. Be sure to fill it until the portable bidet is full of water.

Wipe your anal area after using the toilet. After using the toilet, you can wipe your anal area as usual. Also, you can use the portable bidet to further clean your anal area if the toilet doesn’t have the bidet function.

Spray the water onto your genital area. You can spray the water onto your genital area using the water sprayer on the portable bidet. Be sure to spray the water enough that you can clean your genital area in the best way.

Dry your genital area. Now, you have done using the portable bidet. Next, you can use the toilet paper or towel to dry your genital area.

Bidet toilet attachment will add a bidet function to your existing toilet seat. So, you can use the toilet as a bidet after you install the bidet toilet attachment.

Here are some steps to install a bidet toilet attachment:Remove your toilet seat. First, you need to remove your toilet seat, so that you can install the bidet attachment on the inside of the toilet seat.

Insert the bidet attachment. Next, you can insert the bidet attachment on the toilet seat. Please refer to the instruction manual, as each bidet attachment brand has different installation steps.

Connect the bidet attachment to the water supply. You will need to connect the bidet attachment to the water supply after attaching it to the toilet. This way, you will allow the water to go through the water nozzle.

Re-attach the toilet seat. You can re-attach the toilet seat after a successful installation of the bidet attachment.

Test the bidet function. The toilet seat should now work as a bidet as well. It’s best to test the bidet functionality to ensure that all components can work well.