How Do You Dry After Using a Bidet? For Beginners

While a bidet's main selling point is the convenience it brings, using it may not be as straightforward as it looks. For beginners, one of the main questions would be how do you dry after using a bidet. It then brings the question of whether you even need to dry yourself, considering that the bidets are supposed to eliminate the use of toilet paper.

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Dry After Using a Bidet

Going by the manufacturers' advice and most users, you do not need to wipe after using a bidet. That's because the water pressure is enough to do a proper cleaning. However, if you prefer quick action, here are four ways of how to dry after bidet use.


If you are not in a hurry, you can give yourself the luxury of air drying your bum. It is an excellent option since you let your backside breathe, which it rarely does, and it also helps provide relief for any itches you may experience. It is also a chance to relax and even ponder other things. However, if you are in a hurry, then you may want to consider alternatives.


Some bidet attachment models come with an inbuilt dryer function. It is much faster than air drying, and it means you will not use tissue paper. It is a luxurious experience and adds further convenience to the whole experience. Unfortunately, it is limited to electric bidet models and the dryer's features, depending on the cost of the bidet. High-end models give you the option of controlling the water temperature temperature, which speeds up the whole process.


You also have the alternative for drying with toilet paper. It is readily accessible, and if you find eco-friendly, high-quality toilet paper, you will help with the environmental challenge that toilet paper poses to the environment. Get one or two sheets of high-quality toilet paper and fold in half as thicker tissue does a better job of holding water without tearing. When using toilet paper, be careful not to wipe but instead dab it around to prevent tearing or small bits of paper clinging to your skin.


The final alternative is to use reusable towels. It is a fast way as well as and environmentally friendly one. You will need a couple of towels to ensure you always have one for use, and you will need to clean the ones you have already used. Since the water usually does a thorough cleaning job, you are not dealing with any mess, just the water, and you can easily clean the towels after use.


Beyond drying yourself, another challenge for bidet users is whether to wipe or not and if you are wiping, when should you do it? The first option is, of course, not to wipe at all. Most people making the switch to bidet use do not want to have to use toilet paper again. So, if your bidet has sufficient water pressure, there would be no need for wiping at all as you have everything set.

If you have a problem with your bidet's cleaning quality, check the pressure to ensure it is on a high enough setting. You should also check on the spray mode and the positioning of the spray want. The water should be hitting the right places and with the proper force.

Should you choose to wipe, you can do a pre-wipe. This is wiping after you use the toilet but before using the bidet. The idea is to let the wiping clear much of the mess and have the bidet clear up the rest. It is a handy option if you use standalone models since the water drains away instead of flushing with everything else. As such, if there are large bits, they may end up sticking in the drain, and you will not enjoy the clean-up after wiping gets these bits out of the way, and the bidet ensures you get a thorough clean.

On the other hand, you can choose to do wiping after using the bidet. This aims to dry out any water, and as the earlier section covers, there are different ways to go about it. On top of these two options, here are other tips on bidet use and etiquette;

  • Away from your home, do check the bidet before use to establish where the water jets will be coming from so you can prepare accordingly.
  • If it is your first time using a bidet, it is advisable that you wipe it first with toilet paper before using the bidet until you get the hang of using a bidet. 
  • It is not a requirement to use soap when using a bidet. Some people may feel the need for soap when they treat a bidet as a mini-shower for freshening up after sex or a long call, but it is not mandatory.
  • Be sure to keep all clothing items like shirts, pants, and underwear out of the way before turning on the water spray. 
  • Ladies should direct the water from front to back to avoid getting bacteria in through the vulva. 
  • If you are in a public area, you may notice a towel close to the bidet. It is not for wiping your rear but rather your hands. 
  • On standalone bidets, you have the option of facing towards or away from the bidet’s water controls. Facing the water controls makes it easier to control the pressure and temperature of the water. Check the designs to be sure which direction is best depending on the bidet’s configuration.
  • If you get a bidet with cold and hot water controls, turn on the hot water first, opening the spray valve to get the water to about six inches where you can feel the temperature by hand. Then turn on the cold-water valve first till you get a comfortable temperature. (However, for hot climates, start with the cold water first.)


These instructions should not make you hesitate to make the switch to a bidet attachment.They are to help you make a quick adjustment to their effective use and avoid beginner messes, especially when using public bidets. At home, choose bidets that are convenient, serve your needs best, and have excellent build quality. Do that, and you will forget all about the need for wiping and drying.

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