Cold Water Bidets

Give You That Fresh, Cool Feeling

Cold Water Bidets

Just like the warm water bidet, the cold ones can still clean the butt after you poop. It has a freshwater stream that you can adjust to suitably and precisely for a different body shape. People might think that the cold-water bidet is uncomfortable; the truth is, there is no discomfort when you are spraying the water on the skin.

Surprisingly, it has a couple of benefits, and it's refreshing to most users. The greatest benefit is the bidet's pressure level at which it sprays while cleaning your butt. Note that a bidet with reduced pressure is much comfy than one using higher pressure. Despite the splashing of cold water feeling disheartening on a cold morning, often, the water is never as cool as you would imagine. It's not frigid since there is never a mechanism to chill it to such an uncomfortable level. Therefore, let us flush down the cold-water bidet fears today.


1. Cheaper.

Coldwater bidets require less energy to run; the pressure is low and not in excess, so not much water goes to waste. Some bidets do not need an electrical connection to run. It means that the energy cost is kept at bay, and you get to save more in the long run. Therefore, if you have no problem using cold water, this hard bidet device is an excellent option for you.

2. Handheld sprayers are available.

Some users perfect the touch of a handheld sprayer, and cold bidets come in that form, unlike the electric ones that are only in seat form. 

3. Durable

The non-electric cold bidet models are durable. There are not many attachments needed, thus easy to maintain.

4. Great for a morning wake-up call.

Think of it like this, every morning, you get to splash some cold water on your face to wake up and freshen up. The cold-water bidet is another way to boost your energy in the morning. Most people will not like that, but the bidet is the way to go if you want a nudge to be up.

5. Great for summer

Using cold water on a hot day can be refreshing. The greatest selling point of a cold bidet is using it and feeling the refreshment during summer. The temperatures will give you a cool, fresh feeling that is ideal during a hot season. 

Therefore, bidet users living in hot climates should remember that the cold-water bidet is a great alternative for the bathroom.


Warm water bidets dispense warm water that is ideal during the cold seasons. On the other hand, a cold-water bidet sprays cold water that is at room temperatures. During summer, a cold one can be okay, but most people will not want their bodies to be anywhere close to freezing water during a chilly morning.


The warm water bidets are mostly electric. Therefore, they tend to use power to function accordingly. It's an expensive affair since there are energy costs incurred. Whereas a cold bidet will not need any ability to run, so you don't have to register high electricity bills.

Spraying strengths

The spraying strength of a warm water bidet is higher than the cold-water bidet. The water pressure matters a lot when it comes to toilet bidets for great effectiveness during clean-up. It's among the major factors that you should consider.

Some people say it does make them uncomfortable, while others enjoy it. Let's bust some myths on cold bidets being uncomfortable. Though the water might feel slightly hard, anyone can get used to that water feeling with time.

Generally, people consider cold water bidets comfortable since the water is not heated but not cold. Though, it could be uncomfortable for people in cold climates.

So, both time of the year and location will tell how the cold-water bidet will get. Most warm regions are popularly known for having the handheld bidet, and they get perfectly comfortable using it. The truth remains, a cold-water bidet is as good as the warm water bidet, you only get used to it over time, and the discomfort gets to fade away.

The water bidets come in different forms. There are handheld, electric, non-electric, among others. Cold and hot water bidet installation takes a bit of a task and adds a different look to your master bath.

Suppose you are installing a hot water bidet; you need to have an electrical water line. If there is a sink over the bathroom cabinet, you have to drill a hole to allow hot water to get to the bidet inlet. If you are not interested in using warm water, buttons are used to switch to cold water. Or rather, you can make use of the handheld bidet that only requires a place to hang after use.



This is my very first bidet and bidet experience. The cold water only feature is not a problem, i actually think I would prefer cold water to warm water anyways for this. I’m a very thorough cleaner and this bidet has cut back my wipe usage from 3-4 wipes per poop down to just one! This is a great affordable bidet attachment. 5 stars


It's the first bidet I've ever bought and the first experience is quite shocking depending how cold the water is. My girlfriend and I enjoy it a bit too much. It has improved how cleanly our butts are, but sometimes it doesn't give a 100% clean. It is close though and I would prefer it that way instead of wiping a maker. I'm considering getting this as a gift for many of my friends.


Okay. First of all, this thing is accurate. I was quite shocked upon first using it. But you get used to the feeling of cold water being nerf-gunned into your bullseye. It does the job. You use less toilet paper. You feel clean and refreshed afterwards.

Nicola C.