What Is a Bidet? Should I Have One?

A bidet is a small shower that is essential for cleaning your genitals. It’s an excellent alternative for toilet paper, and once you start to use a bidet, you’ll never look back. It uses water to clean your butt, thus allowing you to forego the toilet paper altogether. In simpler words, a bidet is an effective device that sprays water over the anal and genital areas after defecating or urinating.


The fundamental motivation behind using the bidet is the water. After relieving yourself, you can instantly use either cold or warm water and cleanse your back thoroughly to kill any chance of bacteria germinating that helps get rid of any infection.


Some people bleed after wiping their behind using toilet paper, but it should not scare you anymore; a bidet is a great alternative. With that, you get to choose the water temperature that suits your needs. 

A 2009 study suggests that a bidet that sprays warm water is an excellent option for people who had surgery around their anus; it quickly heals the wound, it’s satisfying and convenient. Millions of Americans are likely to develop hemorrhoids, and the numbers go up with age. However, the research on how bidets are effective is still scarce, but the little data available has positive effects.

Another small study in 2011 claims that electronic bidets with low-to-medium warm water help in pain relief on the butt. The warm water is also critical to help boost blood circulation around the anus skin.

Scientists are still not sure how bidets impact vaginal health. A 2013 study showed that bidets are safe for pregnant women; they don’t pose any risks of bacterial vaginosis or preterm birth. Bidets are beneficial for women; it provides extra sanitization care in certain days of the month. It’s the best alternative to intimate wipes and ensures the most excellent pH care together, and guarantees protection from malodor.

Despite the great need for bidets, a 2010 study proposed that chronic use of the bidets might interrupt the normal bacterial flora that could lead to your vaginal infection.


A dry toilet paper tends to be rough on the skin after visiting the bathroom; it’s the most uncomfortable item to clean the genital area. For people with skin irritation or other skin-related issues, warm water from a bidet is suitable to soothe the skin. Keeping the butt area clean and sanitized makes one comfortable.

Particular rectal and anal conditions make using a paper roll painful. Suppose you suffer from anal prolapse, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, or other conditions around the butt area; a bidet is an excellent device for you. 

With a bidet, you can control the water intensity and temperature and direct the water to your genitals for proper cleaning. It soothes your rectal area without using any rough or exerting too much pressure when wiping, which might lead to discomfort and inflammation. 

Most Americans experience anal itching as a common issue that is a result of using toilet paper. A bidet helps to prevent anal itching leaving you to feel better. It’s essential for kids who forget to wipe their behind, and the physically challenged could highly benefit from the bidet to avoid skin-related conditions. 


Cutting on toilet paper not only saves trees, but the local wastewater drainage will also benefit after the toilet paper reduction. As per research, Americans use approximately 36.5 billion toilet paper rolls every year. In 2014, they spent around $9.6 billion on toilet paper, which is a lot of cash spent on dead trees, yet using bidets is ecologically efficient. 


Have you ever had an experience with a clogged toilet? That task can be overwhelming and dirty. People claim that wet wipes and toilet paper roll to be flushable, but the truth is that they do clog the toilet if used in excess.

In case your house lacks a city sewer connection, you get limited to the septic tank. The toilet might be okay, but now there tends to be some blockage in the septic system. For this, you should use less toilet paper to empty less from the septic tank. After using a bidet, you will require a few sheets to dry yourself.


Nowadays, most bidets are equipped with a charcoal air filter to absorb any bad smell and have heated seats. You will no longer experience that feeling that you get after leaving your warm bed to sitting on a cold toilet seat; the bidet will serve you better. 

After that, you will rest comfortably after getting a fresh and clean feel. Some bidets have an enema feature that relieves constipation and comes with a slow closing seat that you don’t have to slam shut.

Some bidet toilet seats have the ability to provide relief to constipation sufferers with an enema function. An enema mode is a practice of introducing liquids into the colon and rectum through the anus. Doing so causes an expansion of the lower intestinal tract, resulting in an “I need to go now” sensation for the user. The purpose of an enema mode is to cause a complete evacuation of the lower intestinal tract and provide relief to users who have trouble with bowel movements.

Unlike a traditional enema where a nozzle/syringe is inserted into the anus, a bidet’s enema function is much less intrusive. It involves an extra-strong, narrow stream of water that sprays from the bidet’s wash nozzle. The nozzle itself never touches you, but the water stream is forceful enough to introduce a small amount of water into the colon/rectum. The bidet toilet seat with an enema function will also have nozzle positioning and water pressure controls that you can customize to suit your needs. It may take a bit of practice to figure out the “right spot”, but it’s definitely effective. Combine the enema function with a pulsing spray for added effectiveness.


Can you imagine if your hands get to touch flecks of feces and now you have to use toilet paper to wipe that off, and you get to consider them clean? Of course, that is not enough to clean you up. And doing the same cleaning to your underneath is not enough either. It’s for this reason that you need to convert to using bidets. Here, you don’t require any soap or toilet paper that has harsh wiping. It cleans you and leaves you fresh instantly.

With all these advantages and benefits that a bidet offers, why would one opt for a toilet paper roll only? Most people, especially Americans, love cleanliness, and the bathroom is the most important place to use the best practical approach possible. You can only achieve it by using a bidet. 

So, the answer to the above question is a yes; you should have a bidet. Try it today, and reap the benefits that you have been missing out on in your household, and you will get to realize why such devices are getting popular every day. It’s a fixture that captures the mind and heart of a hygiene-minded bathroom person after the first attempt. 

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