How to Use a Bidet Properly

How to Use a Bidet Properly
In most households in the United States and other countries around the world, the most common way for people to clean their bottom areas after peeing or releasing their bowels is by using the toilet paper. Most people will use the toilet paper to wipe their bottom areas after they have done with their toilet activities.
However, with the rising popularity of bidet around the world, many people prefer to use this cleaning tool in place of using regular toilet paper to wipe their buttocks and the surrounding areas. Bidets become available in more and more public places as the cleaning tool of choice in many restrooms. So, how can you use a bidet properly? For those who are still not familiar with bidets, this guide will help you find out how you can use a bidet in proper ways.
Important Points You Need to Keep in Mind before Using a Bidet
For those unfamiliar with the use of a bidet, you need to know about what it is and how you can use it the right way. Bidet is a toilet cleanliness tool you can use to clean your bottom areas or private parts after undergoing some toilet-related activities. Here are some important points you need to keep in mind before using a bidet:
  • Bidet is a replacement for toilet paper. Using a bidet to clean your private parts after doing some toilet activities means that you no longer need to wipe your anus or private parts with toilet paper just to clean them. It is a refreshing new way to clean your bottom areas using water.
  • You can only sit on the bidet, not putting both of your feet on it. It’s important to use a bidet by sitting on it and avoid putting both of your feet on top of it. It can be dangerous for you to do that, as the bidet cannot support your weight when you step on it.
  • Keep the bidet seat and water sprayer clean. The best way to keep the bidet hygienic for you to use is to keep the bidet seat and water sprayer clean. These are the parts of the bidet that might get contaminated with harmful bacteria, so it’s very important for you to keep the bidet seat and sprayer clean all the time. You also need to use only the bidet that has a clean seat and water sprayer if you are using it in public places.
  • Avoid wetting your clothes when you use the bidet. Always test the water sprayer on the bidet first before using it, as it might wet your clothes later. Be sure to adjust the water sprayer, so that it doesn’t spray the water at full force.
Tips to Use the Bidet Water Sprayer
Depending on the bidet model you are using, there will be a water sprayer on the bidet you can use to clean your bottom areas. For the bidet with a fixed-position water sprayer, you can test how fast the water will flow from the water sprayer before using it to avoid wetting your clothes when you use it. Be sure to open the water sprayer so that the water will flow to your bottom areas just right. Then, you can sit in front of it or behind it, depending on the areas you would like to clean. Spray the water around your genital areas for around 20-60 seconds while cleaning your private parts.
For the bidet model with a flexible water sprayer, you can sit in the toilet or bidet seat while pointing the water sprayer to the bottom areas you would like to clean. Use your right hand to position the flexible water sprayer and use the left hand to clean your bottom parts (or vice versa if you are left-handed). Make sure that you don’t wet your clothes while you do this.
Using Electric vs. Traditional Bidet
There are two types of bidets you can find in the market today. The first one is the electric bidet, and the second one is the traditional bidet. The electric bidet offers you various features that the traditional bidet doesn’t have, such as the dryer feature, heated seat, remote, water temperature options, deodorizer, and so on. For the traditional bidet, you just have the basic bidet seat along with the water sprayer, with no additional features.
Using the electric bidet does not differ from using the traditional bidet. You just need to sit on the bidet seat, use the water sprayer and point it to your private parts, and start the cleaning process right away. However, with the electric bidet, you can adjust various options for the water sprayer and the bidet seat itself according to your preferences.
What to Do after Using a Bidet?
Some bidets will allow you to dry your bottom areas after using them by using the built-in dryer feature. However, it will only be available to you in some high-end bidet models. For traditional bidets, it’s best for you to dry your skin after using the bidet by using either a towel or toilet papers.
Yes, it can get uncomfortable for you to have wet buttocks after using a bidet, so it’s best for you to wipe the remaining water on your skin by using a towel or toilet papers. For bidets in the public restrooms or hotels, it’s best for you to use the toilet papers after using them. However, at home, you can always prepare a towel around your bathroom to dry your wet buttocks after using the bidet.
Using a bidet in proper ways will help you clean your bottom areas much better than when you just use some toilet paper to wipe these areas. Bidet is a revolutionary innovation that will help improve your cleanliness after using the toilet, and more people today prefer to use the bidet than just wiping their bottom parts with toilet paper. So, it’s best for you to follow this guide to get the best result in cleaning your private parts using a bidet after doing some toilet activities, whether you are using a bidet at home or in some public places.

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