Do You Use Soap with a Bidet?There Are 7 Tips

So, do you use soap with a bidet? No. It is not necessary to use soap with most bidets. This is because most soaps are not recommended for use .Bidets are fast becoming popular, and with this comes a wide range of questions. Today we answer the question: do you use soap with a bidet?

The bidet utilizes a stream of water and plays the same role as toilet paper. Ideally, bidets come in two types, including the standalone version that's a washbasin for cleaning your anal region and genitals after going to the toilet. What's more, you have to clean it once you're done.

It can be somewhat intimidating when you first come across a bidet, though they're pretty straightforward and hygienic to utilize.

So, do you use soap with a bidet? No.

It is not necessary to use soap with most bidets. This is because most soaps are not recommended for use on your genitals. Again, a splash of warm water is more sanitary to use than tissue. However, if you have to use soap, ensure it's a non-irritating soap.


As mentioned above, you can use soap with some bidets. Typically, older bidet versions fill the sink for you to wash up instead of spraying directly inside your genitals. They usually look like sinks and don't facilitate spraying yourself. Besides, these bidets usually have soap next to them, making it effortless to clean off using the water and your hands.

Furthermore, the towel next to them is for wiping your hands, not your anal regions. Usually, these are stacked and folded and located next to the bidet. Also, there is a metal bin to throw away the wipes once you're done so that they can be bleached collectively. 

Moreover, these older bidet versions give the user the same experience as a bath, rather than a typical toileting experience.
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Nevertheless, if you consistently wash your genitalia with water and soap after using the restroom, you're encouraging the risk of getting rid of the beneficial bacteria which keep it healthy. This is particularly important for women. Again, this could result in irritation and other complications, as aforementioned.


  •  Check the bidet out before you begin using it. This will come in handy in knowing where the water is jetting from, leaving you prepared enough.
  • If it's your first time using a bidet, use toilet paper first before trying to use the bidet spray.
  • You don't have to utilize a bidet. Some individuals use a bidet as a mini-shower following sexual intercourse, bowel movement, or freshening up, though it's not necessary.
  • The towel positioned right next to the bidet is for wiping your hands but not your rear.
  • Ensure that your clothes, like a dress, pants, or undergarments, will not get wet before switching on the bidet water jets. 
  • For your vulva, ensure you direct the water from the vulva to the rear to avoid getting harmful bacteria inside it.
  • For the most suitable results with a bidet, remember to switch off the T-Valve every time you use it. If you forget to switch it off, it could lead to a leaky attachment.


Bidets are an excellent substitute for toilet paper. However, this does not mean they do not come with downsides or shortcomings linked to utilizing them. Bidets are not for everyone, especially if you have a weak immune system. It would be best to wait for some time before attempting to use them.

For men, utilizing the bidet prior to a bowel movement could lead to an irritative feeling on your anal region. A study done in 2016 in Japan connected using bidet before elimination instead of utilizing it afterward to signs of irritation. 

For women, using bidets may make them more susceptible to bacterial vaginitis. A study has shown that utilizing a warm water bidet interferes with the flora's natural balance.

Lastly, a different study in 2017 revealed that electric warm water bidets come with the possibility of bacterial contamination.



Usually, this depends on the type of bidet you're using. For instance, if it is connected to the toilet, you will finish your business in the same apparatus you'll spray and clean yourself off. Thus, it is not necessary to prepare anything before using the bidet.

In these gadgets, a handful of sanitary measures are incorporated to prevent bacteria from spreading from one user to the other or contamination.

On the other hand, if you're utilizing a bidet that's detached from the toilet, it's vital that you adequately throw away your waste in the toilet, such as the toilet paper you used to wipe yourself. When utilizing a bidet independent from the toilet, most individuals will utilize the tissue and wipe, then utilize the bidet to wash off and add an extra layer of comfort and hygiene to the fundamental waste disposal experience. 

It is always best to be cautious when using public washrooms, though it is as well logical to use these same precautions at home. When it comes to using a bidet at home, you usually have more control of the whole experience. Besides, you can quickly determine whether you require wiping after or before using it.


Bidets, however useful, may take a bit of time to get used to. Nevertheless, many individuals love them so much that they decide to use them permanently. So, if you want to try utilizing a bidet, check out the one you want to buy and ensure you're adequately prepared for the water jets.

But, don't use soap with a bidet frequently, as it is not recommended for your genitalia.

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