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Bidets have been there for the longest ever, but they have only become popular recently as a wiping solution for average clients. Since the pandemic hit, toilet paper started to fly off the shelves, and most people turned to bidets. Therefore, if you are struggling with questions in regards to this device, then you're not alone.

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Most people wonder whether one should wipe their behind after or before using the bidet. Some will wipe their anus before using the bidet, while others will do so after using it. It all depends on your personal preference. Wiping before using the bidet prevents excess feces from getting into the bidet, though the bidet water pressure is enough to clean up the fecal matter. Others will wipe after using the bidet to dry the wetness.

Note that bidets aren't toilets; they are washbasins made to help you clean up after using the bathroom.


That is one of the biggest questions that most people ask. Some people will not wipe before using the bidet; if one uses the device well, the bidet's water pressure is sufficient to clean you fully. However, others will prefer to wipe off for some reasons, though not necessary; there is no issue with that.

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What is Pre-wiping?

Pre-wiping is where one wipes after using the toilet but before using the cleaning system. You quickly wipe yourself to get rid of the messy bulk of feces and then use the bidet to do the rest of the work.

Is it great to Pre-wiping

Pre-wiping is great when it comes to removing the extra debris after using the toilet. People who use standalone bidets always resort to using toilet paper to avoid transferring stools to the bidet basin.

If you're looking forward to purchasing a bidet due to your environmental consciousness and wish to avoid using the toilet paper, you don't need to wipe your behind. Using a bidet will give you a more hygienic wash than you could ever imagine with toilet paper.

Despite that, it's not okay to rule out exceptions whereby pre-wiping after using the bidet might be useful.


It's also called check wipe, whereby one wipes after using the cleaning device to ensure that you haven't left any mess behind. And if the check wipe is okay, it means the machine did a great task. If not so, you can use the bidet again or have another round of toilet paper should be in order.

Suppose you are doing the regular check wipes, and they are all coming out clean, then you may need to consider changing to no wipe camping. It shows that the device does its job well, and you should stop purchasing toilet paper.

Though a bidet will clean your behind, it will leave it wet. You may mostly need to wipe to dry yourself, which is the most relevant reason people wipe after using the device. When you use toilet paper, it is recommended to dab instead of wiping to avoid ripping yourself. Nobody wants to be left with multiple small pieces of tissue paper stuck in them.

Note that wiping after using the bidet will dry the water up very fast and in a hurry. However, it's not necessarily a must to wipe for you to dry off; a few other methods don't call for wiping. 

how to dry after using a bidet?


 Wiping is very simple; you gently blot or wipe the wet parts to soak the excess water. Note that the place is already clean; therefore, one dab will do the trick. Most people have toilet paper in their washrooms; consequently, it's okay to use it for drying purposes or even a towel. If you choose the towel, ensure it's intended for your rear and not the hands, there are public restrooms with towels near the device that's meant to dry your hands.

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Remember that you will only need to use the tissue paper to dry yourself properly, not clean the backside. And if you have to use the toilet paper for cleaning, chances are you are not using the device properly. 


A bidet can replace the tissue paper for wiping. With great pressure. It cleans the rear, thus no need for wiping. But, with low pressure and you feel you don’t require wiping, then you can wipe too.

Some people will opt not to wipe themselves at all. They feel that the bidet does its work properly without the need to use toilet paper. For some, the whole reason for owning the bidet is not to spend money on buying tissue paper at all.

If the bidet has high water pressure, it is more likely to clean you without the need for wiping completely. However, if it doesn't fully clean you, ensure that the pressure setting is high enough.

Also, you should keenly check your device's spray mode that you are using and the position of its spray wand. A little shift in where the water is hitting could be all you need to get a complete clean.


Each person has a different opinion regarding the right time to wipe off during the bidet routine or if it is really necessary to wipe themselves at all. You could wipe first, but people who use the device find it cleaner and easier to use the cleaning system. It is so because the high-water pressure will clean the bottom without requiring toilet paper.

Others will prefer to wipe after using the toilet paper, but it all lies in your personal preference. At times, you might need to use the device for a little bit longer to really clean the bottom. The device is great at its job, and the toilet paper might not be necessary.


The bidet is a great machine to keep you clean after doing your bathroom business. However, not everyone understands the protocol of how you should do the cleaning. If you have ever questioned whether you should clean or not after using the bidet, then this guide has cleared the air for you.

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