Do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

Using the bidet is quite common in some parts of the world, such as in Asian countries, but in other parts of the world, a bidet is not something you can find often. For instance, in the US, bidets are not available throughout the country, so most toilets in the US will use only the toilet seat with the toilet paper as the tool to clean your private parts after releasing your bowel.
Thus, there is a common question that will arise regarding the use of bidet, even more so in places where it is not common to use it to clean your private parts. Do you need to wipe before using a bidet? Let’s answer this question.
Is Wiping Your Buttocks Necessary before Using a Bidet?
The answer is it will depend on your preferences. There are no set rules for you to either wipe your buttocks or not wipe your buttocks before using a bidet. You can use the bidet with or without wiping your anal area beforehand. Of course, by not wiping your buttocks before using the bidet, you will save the use of toilet paper in your bathroom. You can just clean your genitalia using the bidet right away using no toilet paper.
The bidet will offer you the best ways to clean your private parts after taking a pee or a poop, or even after a sexual intercourse. So, you just need to sit on the bidet and use the water nozzle to spray your private parts to clean them. For women, you can clean your private parts from the front to the back area for the best result. You can also use the bidet during your menstrual cycle to clean the blood around your vaginal area.
How Do You Dry Your Buttocks after Using a Bidet?
There are two ways you can dry your buttocks after using a bidet. The first method is to use the dryer feature on the bidet. Most modern bidets will have the dryer feature you can use to dry your buttocks after using it. It will give you the warm air temperature around the bidet, which can help dry the water on your buttocks. Please note that this feature might not be available in the traditional bidet design.
The second method is to use paper towels or toilet paper. In case you are using a traditional bidet with no dryer feature, you can use the paper towels to dry your buttocks. You just need to pat your buttocks using the paper towels to dry it after using the bidet.
Best Tips to Use a Bidet for Maximum Cleanliness
Bidet is an additional cleanliness tool you can use in the bathroom after using the toilet. The primary purpose of this tool is to help you clean your private areas with convenience, and it provides a better way to clean your genital area than just by wiping it after taking a pee or a poop. Here are some tips you can follow to use a bidet for maximum cleanliness:
  • Wipe your private areas first. You don’t need to wipe your genitalia before using the bidet, but if you do, it will provide you with the maximum cleanliness for your private parts. You can also keep the bidet clean if you wipe your private areas with toilet papers before using the bidet. Another benefit is to prevent the bidet from getting germ contaminations when you use it.
  • Use soap to refresh your genital area. Using soap is unnecessary, but it is preferable if you want to give a sense of freshness in your genitalia after taking a pee or a poop. The soap will keep your private parts clean and it will also prevent any unpleasant smell around your private parts. For women, you can also use soap designed for your private areas.
  • Wipe your genital area using paper towels afterwards. After using the bidet, you can use the paper towel to wipe your genital area to avoid creating a damp environment around your buttocks, which can be unhealthy for you. It is necessary to do, even more so if the bidet doesn’t have any dryer feature you can use to dry your buttocks.
  • Ensure your clothes are not in the way. Please make sure that you are moving your clothes away from your buttocks when you use the bidet. This is to avoid wetting your clothes, which can also spread the germs from your private areas to your clothes during the cleaning process.
  • Check the cleanliness of the bidet before using it. It’s best for you to check the cleanliness and the sanitary aspects of the bidet before you use it. Use the bidet that is clean, so you don’t risk getting an infection during the use of the bidet. Make sure that the bidet and the water nozzle are clean before using it.
Reducing the Use of the Toilet Papers or Paper Towels
Bidet should be able to help you reduce the use of toilet paper or paper towels when cleaning your private parts. However, it’s up to you whether you want to use the toilet paper or paper towels when you use the bidet, as everyone’s circumstances and preferences will differ.
Depending on the bidet model you are using, it will be better to reduce the use of toilet paper or paper towels in your bathroom. Modern bidet designs will allow you to dry your buttocks using the warm dryer feature on the bidet, which should be enough to replace the use of paper towels after using the bidet. Also, you can minimize the use of the toilet paper if you think that your anus or vaginal area isn’t too dirty after taking a poop or a pee, so you can just go straight to using the bidet and clean your private areas right away without wiping it first.
You can either wipe or not wipe your private areas before using the bidet. There is no specific rule for you to follow, as it will depend on your own preferences. Not wiping your anal area before using the bidet will help you minimize the use of toilet paper. However, wiping your anal area before using the bidet might also help provide additional cleanliness for you before using the bidet. So, it’s up to you to choose to wipe or not to wipe your anal area before using a bidet.

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