How to Install Bidet Spray?

What You Need

Tools that you need to install such a gadget are the following:
  • Wrench or spanner
  • T-Valve
  • Scissors
  • Bidet spray
  • Plumber’s tape or PTFE seal tape
  1. Turn Off Water Supply
To get started on fixing a bidet sprayer next to your toilet, garden tap, or kitchen sink, start by switching off the water supply. Usually, there is a water supply valve that is located by the wall. For instance, if you are installing one in the bathroom, it is usually close to the water closet. Turn it off before you start installing the bidet sprayer components.
  1. Disconnect Water Supply Hose from Fill Valve
This is the next step where you need to locate where the fill valve. It is usually underneath or next to the wall by the water closet. Once you locate it, unscrew the hose with the help of a spanner. This will separate it from the existing fill valve and allow you to connect it with the T-valve.
  1. Connect T-Valve
In this step, you need to take out the hose and other components from the bidet spray kit. There would be a rubber washer which is located inside and on top of the T-valve. Start by wrapping the seal tape around the threads of the T-valve. It is usually located at the bottom of the valve. The sealing tape helps lubricate the valve connection. It also allows the valve to be screwed in tighter. After that, screw back the top of the T-valve. You need to connect back to the fill valve with the help of a spanner.
  1. Connect Water Supply Hose
This is the next step when you need to screw in the hose to the T-valve. This is usually at the bottom of the valve. Ensure that you use the seal tape to wrap the connection tightly.
  1. Connect Bidet Spray to T-Valve
This is the next step when you need to connect one end of the hose to the T-valve. After this is done you can turn back the water supply. Check to ensure that the bidet spray works well and there is no water leakage.
5 Benefits of Installing a Bidet Spray
There are many different benefits of using a bidet spray, and here are just a few of them:
  1. Better Hygiene
When it comes to ensuring good hygiene, there is no substitute for using a bidet spray. This is especially true when it comes to the anal and genital areas. While wiping with toilet paper is certainly an option, it is not the most effective way to clean these areas. It can cause more irritation and even lead to infection. A bidet spray, on the other hand, offers a much more thorough and gentle cleaning experience. The water pressure and temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs, and the nozzle can be directed to target specific areas. This means that you can clean your anus and genitals without having to worry about causing any discomfort.
In addition to being more effective, using a bidet spray is also more hygienic. Toilet paper can transfer bacteria from your hands to your genitals, which can lead to infection. Bidet sprays, on the other hand, do not require you to touch your genitals at all. This significantly reduces the risk of transferring germs.
Let's face it; toilet paper just doesn't do a very good job of cleaning everything. A bidet spray, on the other hand, can get you nice and clean, making sure that you're as hygienic as possible.
  1. Avoid UTIs
If you've ever had a urinary tract infection, you know how incredibly painful it can be. And if you've ever tried to treat a UTI with antibiotics, you also know how difficult they can be to get rid of. Fortunately, there's a much better way to treat and prevent UTIs: by installing a bidet spray in your bathroom.
Bidet sprays are incredibly effective at cleansing the anal and genital area, and they can help to prevent UTIs by keeping the area clean and free of bacteria.
In addition to preventing UTIs, bidet sprays can also provide relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and other anal and genital conditions.
  1. Save Money
When you think about all of the money that you spend on toilet paper each year, it can start to add up. And if you're someone who is looking for ways to save money, then installing a bidet spray in your bathroom can be a great way to do so. Not only will you be able to save money on toilet paper, but you'll also be doing your part to help the environment. That's because when you use a bidet spray, there's no need to use any toilet paper at all. Instead, the water will do all of the work for you.
  1. Save Time
Finally, it can save you time. If you're someone who is constantly running out of toilet paper, then using a bidet spray can help you to avoid that problem. Instead of having to stop what you're doing to go and find more toilet paper, you can just use the bidet spray and be done.
As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to install a bidet spray in your bathroom. So, if you're looking for ways to save money, help the environment, and make your life more comfortable, and then a bidet spray is something that you should consider.
  1. Improve Your Sex Life
Yes, you read that right. Bidet sprays can help improve your sex life. That's because they can help make sure that you're properly cleaned before and after sex, which can lead to more pleasurable experiences.
It's no secret that good hygiene is important for good health. But what many people don't realize is that it's also important for good sex. After all, you're much more likely to enjoy sex if you're both clean and comfortable. And a bidet spray can help to ensure that you're both clean and comfortable by providing a gentle, cleansing stream of water that can help to remove any bacteria or other contaminants that may be present.


If you are handy with a spanner and seal tape then these basic tools will allow you to install a bidet spray easily. It will be a handy addition to your bathroom, kitchen, or garden as well. These sprays are easy to use, helping users clean themselves in a hands-free, hygienic manner.

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