What is a bidet and how to use it?

Bidet - a small bath with a fountain for washing the external genital organs and the anus; usually installed next to the toilet; there are models combined with a toilet bowl. Alternatively, there is a hygienic shower and toilet paper. Bidets were first used in France in the 17th century.
The bidet is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that the basis of life is personal hygiene. Today, this item in the bathroom is not something unusual or a luxury item. A bidet is a must.
In the daily life of many modern people, a bidet in the bathroom is still a rarity. However, as the standard of living rises, this item becomes more and more in demand. Especially in new apartment buildings, where the bathroom takes up a lot of space, and large apartments usually have two bathrooms. At first glance, it is easy to confuse a bidet with a toilet not only in shape but also in size. If you are going to buy a bidet, then it is better to pick up plumbing fixtures from one company because the kit guarantees the aesthetics of the bathroom.

What is a bidet for?

This plumbing fixture is designed for washing intimate places immediately after using the toilet. Often, complete disinfection using toilet paper is not possible. Freshness and proper care are provided primarily by water, so the bidet should be located near the toilet. The device differs from the toilet in that it does not have a lid. At the same time, it does not collect as many bacteria on its surface as a toilet bowl. A bidet in the bathroom means improved hygiene, undoubted comfort and convenience.
After using the toilet, the next step is to use toilet paper. Thanks to the correct shape of the bidet, you can use it sitting behind and in front of the faucets. Therefore, functionally, the bidet is installed at a short distance from the toilet. Using a bidet in front of the faucet makes it easier to adjust the water flow. Some bidets are equipped with a dryer. It is important not to throw away used paper in the bidet. The device can easily become clogged.
Using a bidet for intimate areas is a very hygienic solution. There is no need to undress to wash the intimate area after using the toilet comfortably. Of course, the bidet can also be used to wash the feet or animals after being outdoors. This is not an expensive bathroom item. It can be bought wherever there is sanitary ceramics.

What is a bidet used for?

Many people still do not know what a bidet is for. This is because they do not have contact with this device. Often old houses or apartments have small bathrooms, in which the installation of a bidet is simply not possible due to the design and small area. A bidet toilet is a perfect solution for all family members. Incredible comfort and convenience make hygiene more enjoyable. A quick refresh with a bidet is less of a problem than taking a quick shower. Both young and old people, having studied the instructions for using a bidet, no longer want to give it up.
In theory, a bidet toilet is good for everyone. However, few people know that there is a group of people for whom a bidet is especially recommended. We are talking primarily about older people with disabilities, as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases such as hemorrhoids. A bidet in the bathroom has always been and will be a practical solution.
In the past, the device was considered a luxury, intended only for the aristocracy. In our time, bidets have become the main element of plumbing. The variety of shapes and colors available on the market allows you to find a toilet and bidet set to match your bathroom decor. The device can be both floor-standing and wall-hung, which also affects its functionality and aesthetics.

Bidet installation

Popular bidet models are made from various types of materials. The most resistant to damage is glazed ceramics. Sanitary porcelain (or porcelain) is a durable material characterized by resistance to acids, alkalis and variable temperatures. Porcelain of various qualities is used in the production of bidets, which often keeps pace with the prices of sanitary ware.
A typical bidet consists of a bowl and a mixer. Some faucets have a slightly inverted drain. Others have a movable tip that allows you to adjust the water jet at any time. The installation site of the device is chosen as close as possible to the toilet so that the trouble-free cleaning after satisfying the physiological needs does not cause problems.
The bidet in the bathroom is mounted in two ways. You can install the floor or hanging version on the wall. When installing, it is recommended to leave space on both sides (about 20 cm) as well as in front (about 60 cm). This is necessary because otherwise, the use of the bidet would be much more difficult. The floor-standing bidet is mounted with screws and a suitable mounting frame (installation) is required for hanging on the wall.
An innovative solution is a toilet with a bidet or 2 in 1. This combination of modern toilet and bidet is very practical. Instead of installing two devices side by side, all you have to do is invest in a state-of-the-art dual-function model. The technology is so advanced that even heated versions can be found in the toilets. Moreover, these devices are equipped with water temperature control and drying functions, which are controlled by remote control. This type of bidet toilet is not a cheap solution, but the 2 in 1 is much more convenient to use than the traditional one.

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