Why should you use a bidet, and what are its main health benefits?

How do you use a bidet? And do you use it at all? Today in our article, we will tell you about the main benefits of using a bidet, its impact on health, and how you need to use it in the best way.

The mention of the use of a bidet causes people most often to make skeptical or derisive comments. Why is it needed, for what, and for whom is it? Most make do with the standard bathroom set: shower, sink and toilet. Those who think about the bidet in a similar vein probably just did not think about how important it is for health, confidence and comfort. Let's look at the main advantages of a bidet.
How do you use a bidet

The main benefits of a bidet

Treacherous trail

Unfortunately, toilet paper does not give the body that ideal cleanliness and freshness with which one could always feel confident. Situations are different: a visit to the doctor, a sudden call to the ambulance, or even an unscheduled date.
An unpleasant smell and marks on the linen in any of the situations described are at least humiliating. A bidet is needed in the bathroom to prevent such embarrassment from becoming a reality. It will provide perfect intimate cleanliness and will make you feel comfortable.

A question of cleanliness

Does anyone use dry wipes to clean their hands? This question even sounds stupid. Everyone understands that bacteria and dangerous microorganisms cannot be washed off hands without water. Why, then, does everyone consider it normal to use toilet paper to clean intimate areas?
The electronic bidet maintains cleanliness after each use of the toilet. It is just as effective as taking a shower, only many times faster, more convenient and more economical.

Paper work

Everyone has been used to using toilet paper since childhood, but is it really good and convenient? Even the softest and whitest rolls do not guarantee the necessary delicacy. Only water can maintain the required level of hygiene and, at the same time, not injure the intimate organs. This is especially true for people with existing diseases in this area: fungal infections, inflammation, hemorrhoids. In such cases, the use of paper can be harmful.
Add to this the ecological component. Every day, tens of thousands of trees are cut down, and hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of water are used to produce toilet paper. The use of electronic plumbing eliminates the need to purchase toilet paper.

Female audience

For women, an electronic bidet is an indispensable device. It has already been mentioned that, due to physiology, they have to think more often about intimate hygiene. It should also not be forgotten that women have periods when the need for cleanliness increases. Pregnant women in the later stages are no longer so mobile and have difficulty maintaining intimate hygiene. In all the situations described, a bidet is necessary to make life easier for a woman.

Delicate issues

Irritation of intimate areas, accompanied by itching, as well as any damage to the perineum (surgery, postpartum period), precludes the use of toilet paper, not only because it is painful and unpleasant. This method of cleansing is dangerous because it can introduce infection or fungus, thereby aggravating the situation. Any doctor will say that in any delicate situation, only gentle washing with water is allowed.

Warm welcome

Regardless of the temperature in the bathroom, your bidet will welcome you with a warm and comfortable heated surface. Why is it important? Firstly, it is extremely convenient and pleasant – not to suffer from the contact of warm skin with a cold rim. Secondly, it is the prevention of hypothermia and such a disease as cystitis, which can occur from sitting in the cold.

Farewell to the plumber

How often do you have to call a plumber to clean pipes clogged with toilet paper? And in what accounts does it result in the end? And that's not counting the cost to nature of such a fictional ecology.

How do you use a bidet, and how should you use it?

The rules for using a bidet suggest using it immediately after visiting the toilet. Often people who have only recently become acquainted with the culture of using this plumbing fixture do not know how best to sit on it - with their backs or in front. Previously, it was believed that the jet should be directed from behind. Respectively, it was necessary to be located with the back of the head to the wall.
Now, experts do not set such strict limits and argue that you can sit on a bidet in a way that is convenient for a person. It is recommended to use toilet paper first and soap during the water hygiene procedure. The owner chooses the temperature himself. It is advisable to test it with your hand before directing the jet to the body.
The procedure should be completed by wiping the skin with a personal towel or disposable paper napkin, which is considered more practical, especially if several family members use the toilet at once.

Types of bidets

A bidet is a low plumbing fixture that looks like a toilet bowl. A mixer and a faucet with a movable head are usually attached to the back wall so that you can easily change the direction of the water jet. Sometimes a bidet is combined with a toilet. In general, plumbing for maintaining genital hygiene is divided into 3 types:
  • 2 in 1: toilet bowl with bidet function, installed in small bathrooms and toilets;
  • hygienic shower - a shower combined with a mixer with a flexible hose;
  • bidet cover - installation is made on any toilet bowl.
Basically, the models are made of porcelain and faience.


An electronic bidet is becoming an indispensable thing in every family. The hygiene of each person, from a child to an elderly parent, immediately goes to another level. Not a single skeptic has yet said that toilet paper cleans better and that he refuses an electronic bidet. And this is a very eloquent indicator!
Everyone decides for himself whether he needs a bidet, but more and more people decide in favor of a bidet.

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